Top 100 2010s Anime

List includes Top 2010s(2010-2019) released anime series. Anime Not in any order. Total 100 Titles and 5673 Views.

1. Attack on Titan(2013-2018)

Alternate Title: Shingeki no Kyojin
Runtime: Genres:Action|Military|Mystery|Super Power|Drama|Fantasy|Shounen
Aired:Apr 7, 2013 to Oct 8, 2018 Episodes:47 Rating:R
Description:Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by giants. Giants are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source. A small percentage of humanity survived by enclosing themselves in a city protected by extremely high walls, even taller than the biggest of giants. Flash forward to the present and the city has not seen a giant in over 100 years.
Tags: Dystopia military post-apocalyptic shapeshifting superpowers titans/giants tragedy action drama fantasy horror psychological thriller
8.80          8.48   

2. Sword Art Online(2012)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Adventure|Fantasy|Game|Romance
Aired:Jul 8, 2012 to Dec 23, 2012 Episodes:61 Rating:PG-13
Description:The players of a virtual reality MMORPG, Sword Art Online, are trapped and fighting for their very lives. After it is announced that the only way to leave the game is by beating it, Kirito a very powerful swordsman and his friends take on a quest to free all the minds trapped in Aincrad.
Tags: fighting mmorpg survival game swordplay virtual reality
7.80          7.61   

3. One Punch Man(2015)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Sci-Fi|Comedy|Parody|Super Power|Supernatural|Seinen
Aired:Oct 5, 2015 to Dec 21, 2015 Episodes:12 Rating:R
Description:Saitama is a hero who only became a hero for fun. After three years of 'special' training, though, he’s become so strong that he’s practically invincible. In fact, he’s too strong even his mightiest opponents are taken out with a single punch, and it turns out that being devastatingly powerful is actually kind of a bore. With his passion for being a hero lost along with his hair, yet still faced with new enemies every day, how much longer can he keep it going?
Tags: cyborg fighting gore parody superhero action comedy
9.00          8.72   

4. Tokyo Ghoul(2014)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Mystery|Horror|Psychological|Supernatural|Drama|Seinen
Aired:Jul 4, 2014 to Sep 19, 2014 Episodes:12 Rating:R
Description:Ken Kaneki is a bookworm college student who meets a girl names Rize at a cafe he frequents. They're the same age and have the same interests, so they quickly become close. Little does Kaneki know that Rize is a ghoul - a kind of monster that lives by hunting and devouring human flesh.
Tags: gore monsters action drama horror supernatural
8.00          7.99   

5. Angel Beats!(2010)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Comedy|Drama|School|Supernatural
Aired:Apr 3, 2010 to Jun 26, 2010 Episodes:13 Rating:PG-13
Description:Angel Beats takes place in the afterlife and focuses on Otonashi, a boy who lost his memories of his life after dying. He is enrolled into the afterlife school and meets a girl named Yuri who invites him to join the Afterlife Battlefront — an organization she leads which fights against God. The Battlefront fight against the student council president Angel, a girl with supernatural powers.
Tags: amnesia death fighting girls with guns gunfights high school life after death music school tragedy tragic past action comedy drama fantasy romance
7.80          8.30   

6. No Game, No Life(2014)

Alternate Title: No Game No Life
Runtime: Genres:Game|Adventure|Comedy|Supernatural|Ecchi|Fantasy
Aired:Apr 9, 2014 to Jun 25, 2014 Episodes:12 Rating:PG-13
Description:Siblings Sora and Shiro together make up the most feared team of pro gamers in the world, The Blank. When they manage to beat god himself in a game of chess, they are sent to a world where all disputes are settled with games.
Tags: alternate world ecchi fanservice game game manipulations hikikomori NEET parody strategic minds adventure comedy fantasy
7.90          8.39   

7. The Future Diary(2011-2012)

Alternate Title: Mirai Nikki
Runtime: Genres:Action|Psychological|Supernatural|Thriller|Mystery|Shounen
Aired:Oct 9, 2011 to Apr 15, 2012 Episodes:26 Rating:R+
Description:Lonely high school student, Yukiteru Amano, spends his days writing a diary on his cellphone, while conversing with his two seemingly imaginary friends Deus Ex Machina, who is the god of time and space, and Murmur, the god's servant. Revealing himself to be an actual entity, Deus grants Yukiteru a 'Random Diary' which shows highly descriptive entries based on the future and forces him into a bloody battle royale with 11 other holders of similarly powerful future diaries.
Tags: absurdity assassins betrayal conspiracy crime death future gore revenge survival game tragedy yandere action comedy drama fantasy horror mystery psych
7.80          7.87   

8. Steins;Gate(2011)

Runtime: Genres:Thriller|Sci-Fi
Aired:Apr 6, 2011 to Sep 14, 2011 Episodes:24 Rating:PG-13
Description:A group of friends have customized their microwave so that it can send text messages to the past. As they perform different experiments, an organization named SERN who has been doing their own research on time travel tracks them down and now the characters have to find a way to avoid being captured by them.
Tags: butterfly effect conspiracy technology Time travel tragedy adventure comedy drama mystery psychological romance science fiction thriller
8.70          9.14   

9. My Hero Academia(2016 - ...)

Alternate Title: Boku no Hero Academia
Runtime: Genres:Action|Comedy|School|Shounen|Super Power
Aired:Apr 3, 2016 to ? Episodes:66 Rating:PG-13
Description:People are not born equal, a realization that 4-year-old Midoriya Izuku faced when bullied by his classmates who had unique special powers. Izuku was one of the rare cases where he was born with absolutely no unique powers. This did not stop Izuku from pursuing his dream, a dream of becoming a great hero like the legendary All-Might.
Tags: developing powers school life special abilities superheroes superpowers action comedy drama science fiction
8.40          8.43   

10. Blue Exorcist(2011)

Alternate Title: Ao no Exorcist
Runtime: Genres:Action|Demons|Fantasy|Shounen|Supernatural
Aired:Apr 17, 2011 to Oct 2, 2011 Episodes:25 Rating:PG-13
Description:Humans live in the world of Assiah, demons in Gehenna. The two dimensions are not meant to interfere with each other, but demons still possess creatures in Assiah in spite of this. The humans who can fight these demons are known as exorcists. Rin Okumura is a boy who bears the curse of being Satan's illegitimate son. His foster father sacrificed himself to save him from demons. To avenge his foster father's death as well as to prove himself, Rin decides to follow the path of an exorcist.
Tags: demons Exorcists school shapeshifting action comedy drama supernatural
7.60          7.82   

11. Noragami: Stray God(2014-2015)

Alternate Title: Noragami
Runtime: Genres:Action|Adventure|Comedy|Supernatural|Shounen
Aired:Jan 5, 2014 to Dec 25, 2015 Episodes:25 Rating:PG-13
Description:The world consists of two parts: the near shore and far shore. The near shore is the place where people reside, while the far shore is the place for deities and ayakashi, which are emotional fragments that can posses humans and cause trouble. So it is a deity's responsibility to remove those ayakashi from the near shore with the help of weapons called Shinki, made from the spirits of dead people.
Tags: exorcists goddesses gods monsters shapeshifting spirits action comedy supernatural
8.00          8.14   

12. Akame ga Kill!(2014)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Adventure|Drama|Fantasy|Shounen
Aired:Jul 7, 2014 to Dec 15, 2014 Episodes:24 Rating:R
Description:In a fantasy world, fighter Tatsumi sets out for the Capitol to earn money for his starving village, and finds a world of unimaginable corruption, all spreading from the depraved Prime Minister who controls the child Emperor's ear. After nearly becoming a victim of this corruption himself, Tatsumi is recruited by Night Raid, a group of assassins dedicated to eliminating the corruption plaguing the Capitol by mercilessly killing those responsible.
Tags: assassins corruption fighting gore politics revolution tragedy adventure drama fantasy horror psychological
8.00          7.79   

13. Another(2012)

Runtime: Genres:Mystery|Horror|Supernatural|Thriller|School
Aired:Jan 10, 2012 to Mar 27, 2012 Episodes:12 Rating:R
Description:When Kouichi Sasakibara transfers to his new school, he can sense something frightening in the atmosphere of his new class, a secret none of them will talk about. At the center is the beautiful girl Mei Misaki. Kouichi is immediately drawn to her mysterious aura, but then he begins to realize that no one else in the class is aware of her presence.
Tags: curse death school horror mystery psychological supernatural
7.70          7.75   

14. Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-(2016)

Alternate Title: Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Runtime: Genres:Psychological|Drama|Thriller|Fantasy
Aired:Apr 4, 2016 to Sep 19, 2016 Episodes:25 Rating:R
Description:Natsuki Subaru, an ordinary high school student, is on his way home from the convenience store when he finds himself transported to another world. As he's lost and confused in a new world where he doesn't even know left from right, the only person to reach out to him was a beautiful girl with silver hair. Determined to repay her somehow for saving him from his own despair, Subaru agrees to help the girl find something she's looking for.
Tags: butterfly effect death gore other world parallel universe tragedy adventure drama fantasy horror mystery psychological romance thriller
8.00          8.41   

15. ERASED(2016)

Alternate Title: Boku dake ga Inai Machi
Runtime: Genres:Mystery|Psychological|Supernatural|Seinen
Aired:Jan 8, 2016 to Mar 25, 2016 Episodes:12 Rating:R
Description:Satoru Fujinuma is a struggling manga artist who has the ability to turn back time and prevent deaths. When his mother is killed he turns back time to solve the mystery, but ends up back in elementary school, just before the disappearance of his classmate Kayo.
Tags: assassins butterfly effect time travel tragedy drama mystery psychological thriller
8.50          8.55   

16. Your Lie in April(2014-2015)

Alternate Title: Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
Runtime: Genres:Drama|Music|Romance|School|Shounen
Aired:Oct 10, 2014 to Mar 20, 2015 Episodes:22 Rating:PG-13
Description:Kousei Arima was a genius pianist until his mother's sudden death took away his ability to play. Each day was dull for Kousei. But, then he meets a violinist named Kaori Miyazono who has an eccentric playing style. Can the heartfelt sounds of the girl's violin lead the boy to play the piano again?
Tags: music pianist poetic internal monologue prodigy school trauma comedy drama psychological romance
8.10          8.87   

17. KILL la KILL(2013-2014)

Alternate Title: Kill la Kill
Runtime: Genres:Action|Comedy|Super Power|Ecchi|School
Aired:Oct 4, 2013 to Mar 28, 2014 Episodes:24 Rating:PG-13
Description:The story centers around two fiercely fighting schoolgirls, Ryuuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuuin. On a campus ruled by force, a transfer student wielding a Basami sword brings about upheaval.
Tags: absurdity ecchi fanservice fighting school war action comedy drama fantasy science fiction
8.00          8.19   

18. Parasyte -the maxim-(2014-2015)

Alternate Title: Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu
Runtime: Genres:Action|Sci-Fi|Horror|Psychological|Drama|Seinen
Aired:Oct 9, 2014 to Mar 26, 2015 Episodes:24 Rating:R
Description:Shinichi Izumi is a normal high school boy whose right hand has become infected with an alien parasite that names itself Migi(right). Migi is the first parasite to develop a symbiotic relationship with its host, as he and Shinichi slowly develop a grudging friendship. Migi isn't the only Parasite on earth, however, and as cases of Parasites killing humans begin to emerge, humans seek to kill off Parasites.
Tags: aliens blunted affect crime fighting gore tragedy action drama horror psychological romance science fiction
8.40          8.51   

19. Hunter x Hunter(2011-2014)

Alternate Title: Hunter x Hunter (2011)
Runtime: Genres:Action|Adventure|Fantasy|Shounen|Super Power
Aired:Oct 2, 2011 to Sep 24, 2014 Episodes:148 Rating:PG-13
Description:Twelve year old Gon Freecss one day discovers that the father he had always been told was dead was alive and well. His Father, Ging, is a Hunter a member of society's elite with a license to go anywhere or do almost anything. Gon, determined to follow in his father's footsteps, decides to take the Hunter Examination and eventually find his father to prove himself as a Hunter in his own right.
Tags: bounty hunters coming-of-age developing powers gore organized crime special abilities survival game adventure comedy drama fantasy tournament
8.70          9.11   

20. The Seven Deadly Sins(2014-2018)

Alternate Title: Nanatsu no Taizai
Runtime: Genres:Action|Adventure|Ecchi|Fantasy|Magic|Shounen|Supernatural
Aired:Oct 5, 2014 to Jun 30, 2018 Episodes:52 Rating:PG-13
Description:The Seven Deadly Sins were once an active group of knights in the region of Britannia, who disbanded after they supposedly plotted to overthrow the Liones Kingdom. Their supposed defeat came at the hands of the Holy Knights, but rumors continued to persist that they were still alive. Ten years later, the Holy Knights staged a coup d'état and captured the king, becoming the new, tyrannical rulers of the kingdom. The third princess, Elizabeth, then starts out on a journey to find them.
Tags: adventure comedy drama fantasy
8.20          8.27   

21. anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day(2011)

Alternate Title: Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.
Runtime: Genres:Slice of Life|Supernatural|Drama
Aired:Apr 15, 2011 to Jun 24, 2011 Episodes:11 Rating:PG-13
Description:Six childhood friends have grown apart over the years following the death of one of them, Menma. The original 'leader' of this friend group, Jintan, is currently aimless in life and it is at this point in his life that he starts to see Menma's spirit. She states that he may be able to see her because of a wish she would like fulfilled but is unsure of what that may be.
Tags: ghosts growing up love triangle drama romance supernatural
8.30          8.54   

22. The Devil is a Part-Timer!(2013)

Alternate Title: Hataraku Maou-sama!
Runtime: Genres:Comedy|Demons|Supernatural|Romance|Fantasy
Aired:Apr 4, 2013 to Jun 27, 2013 Episodes:13 Rating:PG-13
Description:Foiled by a hero when he’s inches away from conquering the world, the devil finds himself in modern-day Tokyo. With no real-world skills to speak of, the devil is forced to make ends meet flipping burgers at a fast food joint! To stall any further plans of world domination, the hero tracks the devil’s trail and takes on the lowly tasks of a telemarketer.
Tags: demons part-time job action comedy fantasy romance slice of life
7.80          7.97   

23. Puella Magi Madoka Magica(2011)

Alternate Title: Mahou Shoujo Madoka?Magica
Runtime: Genres:Drama|Magic|Psychological|Thriller
Aired:Jan 7, 2011 to Apr 22, 2011 Episodes:12 Rating:PG-13
Description:She has a loving family and best friends, laughs and cries from time to time... Madoka Kaname, an eighth grader of Mitakihara middle school, is one of those who lives such a life. One day, she had a very magical encounter. She doesn't know if it happened by chance or by fate yet. This is a fateful encounter that can change her destiny. This is a beginning of the new story of the magical witch girls.
Tags: Dark fantasy death fighting magical girl moe tragedy witches action drama magic psychological thriller
8.40          8.45   

24. Death Parade(2015)

Runtime: Genres:Game|Mystery|Psychological|Drama|Thriller
Aired:Jan 10, 2015 to Mar 28, 2015 Episodes:12 Rating:R
Description:There is a place after death that’s neither heaven nor hell. A bar that serves you one chance to win. You cannot leave until the game is over, and when it is, your life may be too. From Studio Madhouse (Death Note, Black Lagoon) comes a thrilling new series where the stakes are high and the rules are simple: your life is on the line.
Tags: death Heaven & hell Reincarnation drama mystery psychological
8.00          8.26   

25. Psycho-Pass(2012-2013)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Police|Psychological|Sci-Fi
Aired:Oct 12, 2012 to Mar 22, 2013 Episodes:22 Rating:R
Description:Psycho-Pass takes place in the future where it is possible to instantaneously measure a person's mental state, personality, and the probability that a person will commit crimes with a device installed on each citizen's body called the Psycho-Pass. It follows members of Unit One of the Public Safety Bureau's Criminal Investigation Division and the crimes they investigate.
Tags: crime cyberpunk dystopia future gore police action psychological science fiction thriller
8.30          8.44   

26. Fate/Zero(2011-2012)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Supernatural|Magic|Fantasy
Aired:Oct 2, 2011 to Jun 23, 2012 Episodes:25 Rating:R
Description:War of the Holy Grail Pursuing the power of the Holy Grail which grants a miracle, this is a contest in which seven magi summon seven Heroic Spirits to compete for it. In that battle whose conclusion was postponed three times, now, the fourth war commenced again. Entrusting their dearest wish of victory, the magi joined the battleground called Fuyuki, but amongst them, there was a man who was always alone, and could not find out the meaning behind his fights. His name was Kotomine Kirei.
Tags: fighting legendary warriors spirits action drama fantasy psychological
8.30          8.43   

27. KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!(2016)

Alternate Title: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
Runtime: Genres:Adventure|Comedy|Parody|Supernatural|Magic|Fantasy
Aired:Jan 14, 2016 to Mar 17, 2016 Episodes:20 Rating:PG-13
Description:After a traffic accident, Kazuma Sato’s disappointingly brief life was supposed to be over, but he wakes up to see a beautiful girl before him. She claims to be a goddess, Aqua, and asks if he would like to go to another world and bring only one thing with him.Kazuma decides to bring the goddess herself, and they are transported to a fantasy world filled with adventure, ruled by a demon king. Now Kazuma only wants to live in peace, but Aqua wants to solve many of this world’s problems.
Tags: goddesses NEET other world parody adventure comedy fantasy
7.70          8.17   

28. Durarara!!(2010)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Mystery|Supernatural
Aired:Jan 8, 2010 to Jun 25, 2010 Episodes:24 Rating:R
Description:Tired of his mundane life, Mikado Ryugamine decides to move to Ikebukuro, a district in Tokyo, when a friend invites him. With everything from invisible gangs to rumored beings, Ikebukuro is full of connected mysteries where people's pasts intertwine with the present.
Tags: coming of age conspiracy crime Dullahan fighting Gangs growing up social-networking spirits action comedy drama mystery supernatural thriller
8.00          8.28   

29. Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma(2015-2018)

Alternate Title: Shokugeki no Souma
Runtime: Genres:Ecchi|School|Shounen
Aired:Apr 4, 2015 to Jun 25, 2018 Episodes:61 Rating:PG-13
Description:Yukihira Souma's dream is to become a full-time chef in his father's restaurant and surpass his father's culinary skill. But just as Yukihira graduates from middle schools his father, Yukihira Jouichirou, closes down the restaurant to cook in Europe. Although downtrodden, Souma's fighting spirit is rekindled by a challenge from Jouichirou which is to survive in an elite culinary school where only 10% of the students graduate. Can Souma survive?
Tags: cooking ecchi food school comedy drama tournament
8.30          8.53   

30. Assassination Classroom(2015-2016)

Alternate Title: Ansatsu Kyoushitsu
Runtime: Genres:Action|Comedy|School|Shounen
Aired:Jan 10, 2015 to Jun 30, 2016 Episodes:47 Rating:PG-13
Description:The students of class 3-E have a mission: kill their teacher before graduation. He has already destroyed the moon, and has promised to destroy the Earth if he can not be killed within a year. But how can this class of misfits kill a tentacled monster, capable of reaching Mach 20 speed, who may be the best teacher any of them have ever had?
Tags: aliens assassins school action comedy drama science fiction
8.00          8.21   

31. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou(2012-2013)

Alternate Title: Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
Runtime: Genres:Comedy|Drama|Romance|School|Slice of Life
Aired:Oct 9, 2012 to Mar 26, 2013 Episodes:24 Rating:PG-13
Description:Sorata Kanda, a high school sophomore living in Sakurasou, the den of their academy's problem children, spends his days being dragged around by the strange residents, swearing he's going to escape Sakurasou one day.
Tags: ecchi fanservice school comedy drama romance
7.90          8.32   

32. Maid Sama!(2010)

Alternate Title: Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
Runtime: Genres:Comedy|Romance|School|Shoujo
Aired:Apr 2, 2010 to Sep 24, 2010 Episodes:26 Rating:PG-13
Description:Misaki Ayuzawa is the first female student council president at a once all-boys school turned co-ed. She rules the school with strict discipline demeanor. But she has a secret—she works at a maid cafe due to her families circumstances. One day the popular A-student and notorious heart breaker Takumi Usui finds out her secret and makes a deal with her to keep it hush from the school in exchange for spending some time with him.
Tags: maid school comedy drama romance
8.10          8.20   

33. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU(2013)

Alternate Title: Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.
Runtime: Genres:Slice of Life|Comedy|Drama|Romance|School
Aired:Apr 5, 2013 to Jun 28, 2013 Episodes:26 Rating:PG-13
Description:About an antisocial high school student named Hikigaya Hachiman with a distorted view on life and no friends or girlfriend. His life change when he was forced to enter the 'Volunteer Service Club' by his teacher.which happens to have the school's prettiest girl Yukino Yukinoshita.
Tags: school school club school life social psychology comedy romance slice of life
7.80          8.10   

34. Log Horizon(2013-2014)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Game|Adventure|Magic|Fantasy
Aired:Oct 5, 2013 to Mar 22, 2014 Episodes:25 Rating:PG-13
Description:The story begins when 30,000 Japanese gamers are trapped in the fantasy online game world Elder Tale. What was once a sword-and-sorcery world is now the real world. The main lead Shiroe attempts to survive with his old friend Naotsugu and the beautiful assassin Akatsuki.
Tags: evolving world guilds MMORPG quests rebuilding society strategic battles strategic minds virtual reality adventure comedy drama fantasy science fictio
7.80          8.09   

35. Overlord(2015-2018)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Game|Adventure|Supernatural|Magic|Fantasy
Aired:Jul 7, 2015 to Oct 2, 2018 Episodes:39 Rating:R
Description:In the year 2138, virtual reality gaming is booming. Yggdrasil, a popular online game is quietly shut down one day. However, one player named Momonga decides to not log out. Momonga is then transformed into the image of a skeleton as
Tags: ecchi online computer gaming undead virtual reality action fantasy science fiction
7.80          8.07   

36. Kuroko's Basketball(2012-2015)

Alternate Title: Kuroko no Basket
Runtime: Genres:Comedy|School|Shounen|Sports
Aired:Apr 8, 2012 to Jun 30, 2015 Episodes:75 Rating:PG-13
Description:In the story, Kagami Taiga has just enrolled into Seirin High School when he meets Kuroko Tetsuya of the school's basketball team. Kuroko happens to be the shadowy sixth member of the legendary Generation of Miracles basketball team. Together, Kagami and Kuroko aim to take their team to the inter-high school championship - against Kuroko's former teammates.
Tags: basketball high school school sports comedy drama tournament
8.30          8.36   

37. Mob Psycho 100(2016)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Slice of Life|Comedy|Supernatural
Aired:Jul 11, 2016 to Sep 27, 2016 Episodes:12 Rating:PG-13
Description:Eighth-grader Shigeo Mob Kageyama has tapped into his inner wellspring of psychic prowess at a young age. But the power quickly proves to be a liability when he realizes the potential danger in his skills. Choosing to suppress his power, Mob's only present use for his ability is to impress his longtime crush, Tsubomi, who soon grows bored of the same tricks.
Tags: espers special abilities superpowers action comedy supernatural
8.10          8.50   

38. Terror in Resonance(2014)

Alternate Title: Zankyou no Terror
Runtime: Genres:Mystery|Psychological|Thriller
Aired:Jul 11, 2014 to Sep 26, 2014 Episodes:11 Rating:R
Description:In an alternate version of the present, Tokyo has been decimated by a shocking terrorist attack, and the only hint to the identity of the culprit is a bizarre video uploaded to the internet. The police, baffled by this cryptic clue, are powerless to stop the paranoia spreading across the population. While the world searches for a criminal mastermind to blame for this tragedy, two mysterious children - children who shouldn't even exist - masterfully carry out their heinous plan.
Tags: high school terrorism Tragedy drama mystery thriller
8.00          8.20   

39. Haikyu!!(2014-2016)

Alternate Title: Haikyuu!!
Runtime: Genres:Comedy|Drama|School|Shounen|Sports
Aired:Apr 6, 2014 to Dec 10, 2016 Episodes:60 Rating:PG-13
Description:Hinata Shouyou, a short middle school student, gained a sudden love of volleyball after watching a national championship match on TV. Determined to become like the championship's star player, a short boy nicknamed 'the small giant', Shouyou joined his school's volleyball club. Unfortunately, he was the only member and the club didn't have so much as a place to practice.
Tags: sport volleyball comedy slice of life tournament
8.70          8.65   

40. Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works](2014-2015)

Alternate Title: Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works
Runtime: Genres:Action|Supernatural|Magic|Fantasy
Aired:Oct 12, 2014 to Jun 27, 2015 Episodes:26 Rating:R
Description:The Holy Grail War is a battle royale among seven magi who serve as Masters. Masters, through the use of the command seals they are given when they enter the war, command Heroic Spirits known as Servants to fight for them in battle. In the Fifth Holy Grail War, Rin Toosaka is among the magi entering the competition. With her Servant, Archer, she hopes to obtain the ultimate prize—the Holy Grail, a magical artifact capable of granting its wielder any wish.
Tags: fighting legendary warriors school action drama supernatural
8.10          8.33   

41. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic(2012-2013)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Adventure|Fantasy|Magic|Shounen
Aired:Oct 7, 2012 to Mar 31, 2013 Episodes:25 Rating:PG-13
Description:This story is about the flow of fate and the battle to keep the world on the right path. Aladdin is a boy who has set out to explore the world after being trapped in a room for most of his life. His best friend is a flute with a djinn in it named Ugo. Soon enough, Aladdin discovers he is a Magi, a magician who chooses kings, and he was born to choose kings who will follow the righteous path, battling against those who want to destroy fate.
Tags: dungeons fanservice genies magical boy magicians monsters royalty saving the world slavery swordplay adventure comedy drama fantasy
7.90          8.20   

42. Hyouka(2012)

Runtime: Genres:Mystery|School|Slice of Life
Aired:Apr 23, 2012 to Sep 17, 2012 Episodes:22 Rating:PG-13
Description:Oreki Houtarou is a minimalistic high school boy. One day, he joins the Classic Literature Club at his elder sister's request. There he meets Chitanda Eru, Fukube Satoshi, and Ibara Mayaka. Chitanda is a calm beautiful girl but she turns into an embodiment of curiosity once she says,
Tags: literature moe school school life drama mystery romance
7.80          8.15   

43. Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun(2014)

Alternate Title: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Runtime: Genres:Comedy|Romance|School
Aired:Jul 7, 2014 to Sep 22, 2014 Episodes:12 Rating:PG-13
Description:High school student Chiyo Sakura has a crush on schoolmate Umetarou Nozaki, but when she confesses her love to him, he mistakes her for a fan and gives her an autograph. When she says that she always wants to be with him, he invites her to his house and has her help on some drawings. Chiyo discovers that Nozaki is actually a renowned shoujo manga artist named Sakiko Yumeno.
Tags: manga school comedy romance
7.70          8.14   

44. ReLIFE(2016)

Runtime: Genres:Slice of Life|Romance|School
Aired:Jul 2, 2016 to Sep 24, 2016 Episodes:13 Rating:PG-13
Description:Arata Kaizaki quit the job he landed after graduation in only three months. His life did not go well after that. Now his parents are threatening to stop sending money, and want him to come back to the country. He has no friend or girlfriend to share his troubles he hits rock bottom a strange man named Ryou Yoake appears. He invites Arata to join a societal rehabilitation program for NEETs called ReLife.
Tags: Bullying High School comedy drama romance
7.80          8.14   

45. Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid(2017)

Alternate Title: Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
Runtime: Genres:Slice of Life|Comedy|Fantasy
Aired:Jan 12, 2017 to Apr 6, 2017 Episodes:13 Rating:PG-13
Description:Kobayashi lives alone in an apartment, until one day, Tooru appeared and they ended up living together. Tooru looks down on humans as inferior and foolish, but having been saved by Kobayashi-san, she does everything she can to repay the debt and help her with various things, although not everything goes according to plan.A mythical everyday life comedy about a hard working office lady living with a dragon girl.
Tags: dragons maids monster girls comedy fantasy slice of life
7.60          8.18   

46. Magi: The Kingdom of Magic(2012-2014)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Adventure|Magic|Fantasy|Shounen
Aired:Oct 7, 2012 to Mar 30, 2014 Episodes:25 Rating:PG-13
Description:This story is about the flow of fate and the battle to keep the world on the right path. Aladdin is a boy who has set out to explore the world after being trapped in a room for most of his life. His best friend is a flute with a djinn in it named Ugo. Soon enough, Aladdin discovers he is a Magi, a magician who chooses kings, and he was born to choose kings who will follow the righteous path, battling against those who want to destroy fate.
Tags: dungeons fanservice genies magicians monsters royalty saving the world slavery swordplay adventure comedy drama fantasy
7.90          8.43   

47. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure(2012 - ...)

Alternate Title: JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken
Runtime: Genres:Action|Adventure|Supernatural|Vampire|Shounen
Aired:Oct 6, 2012 to ? Episodes:152 Rating:R
Description:Chronicles the struggles of the cursed Joestar bloodline against the forces of evil. Beginning in 1880, Part I follows Jonathan Joestar as he matures with and eventually combats his adoptive brother, the cunning, merciless Dio Brando. Set in 1938, Part II follows the misadventures of Joseph Joestar, grandson of Jonathan, as he masters the Ripple in order to combat hostile, ancient super-beings named the Pillar Men creators of the Stone Mask.
Tags: Vampire Shounen action supernatural thriller
8.30          8.40   

48. Daily Lives of High School Boys(2012)

Alternate Title: Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou
Runtime: Genres:Slice of Life|Comedy|School
Aired:Jan 10, 2012 to Mar 27, 2012 Episodes:12 Rating:PG-13
Description:High school boys are really simple and curious creatures. They want one and only one thing: girls. But they haven't got a clue about them. Male teenagers are dumbfounded by the girls' thought process, actions, appearance and everything in between. They spend countless hours amongst themselves discussing and arguing their theories which are usually completely off base.
Tags: School comedy slice of life
7.80          8.34   

49. Made in Abyss(2017)

Runtime: Genres:Sci-Fi|Adventure|Mystery|Drama|Fantasy
Aired:Jul 7, 2017 to Sep 29, 2017 Episodes:13 Rating:R
Description:The Abyss is the last unexplored region, an enormous and treacherous cave system filled with ancient relics and strange creatures. Only the bravest of adventurers can traverse its depths, earning them the nickname, Cave Raiders. Within the depths of the Abyss, a girl named Riko stumbles upon a robot who looks like a young boy. Tantalized by the Abyss, Riko and her new friend descend into uncharted territory to unlock its mysteries, but what lies in wait for them in the darkness?
Tags: exploration post-apocalyptic robots adventure drama fantasy psychological science fiction
8.50          8.90   

50. Barakamon(2014)

Runtime: Genres:Comedy|Slice of Life
Aired:Jul 6, 2014 to Sep 28, 2014 Episodes:12 Rating:PG-13
Description:As a punishment for punching a famous calligrapher, young handsome calligrapher Handa Seishu is exiled to a small island. As someone who has never lived outside of a city, Handa has to adapt to his new wacky neighbors, like people traveling on a tractor, unwanted visitors who never use the front door, annoying kids using his home as a playground, etc.
Tags: calligraphy country life comedy slice of life
8.30          8.47   

51. Yona of the Dawn(2014-2015)

Alternate Title: Akatsuki no Yona
Runtime: Genres:Action|Adventure|Comedy|Fantasy|Romance|Shoujo
Aired:Oct 7, 2014 to Mar 24, 2015 Episodes:24 Rating:PG-13
Description:The story takes place in a fantasy world. The culture is influenced by the Korean and Chinese culture. This influence is evident in the distribution of the kingdoms, and also in the names of the characters as well as their clothing.
Tags: betrayal bishounen dragons historical love triangle politics reincarnation revenge royalty special abilities tsundere adventure comedy drama fantasy r
8.10          8.18   

52. Bakuman.(2010-2013)

Runtime: Genres:Comedy|Drama|Romance|Shounen
Aired:Oct 2, 2010 to Mar 30, 2013 Episodes:75 Rating:PG-13
Description:Moritaka Mashiro, a junior high school student, content to live out a relatively normal life as any other does, is persuaded by his classmate, Akito Takagi, to become an aspiring mangaka when the latter realizes his natural talent as an artist. However, Moritaka is reluctant to pursue his dream as his uncle, once a mangaka with his own serializations, died from overwork trying to regain his lost status.
Tags: manga school comedy drama romance
8.00          8.31   

53. Yuri!!! On ICE(2016)

Alternate Title: Yuri!!! on Ice
Runtime: Genres:Comedy|Sports
Aired:Oct 6, 2016 to Dec 22, 2016 Episodes:12 Rating:PG-13
Description:After a disgrace in the Grand Prix Final, Japanese figure skater Katsuki Yuri seeks to retire. Victor Nikiforov, Russian world champion in figure skating is known for his surprises but is feeling stuck when he realises he has no more surprises left. When Yuri dances to Victor's most famous routine 'Stay Close to Me' the video is posted online and is seen by Victor. In this moment the Russian world champion decides to move to Japan and become Yuri's coach.
Tags: ice-skating shounen-ai sports comedy drama tournament
8.50          8.16   

54. Blast of Tempest(2012-2013)

Alternate Title: Zetsuen no Tempest
Runtime: Genres:Action|Mystery|Psychological|Drama|Magic|Fantasy|Shounen
Aired:Oct 5, 2012 to Mar 29, 2013 Episodes:24 Rating:PG-13
Description:The Kusaribe family is a family of sorcerers under the protection of the ‘Tree of Origins.’ Their princess, Hakaze Kusaribe, was the greatest sorceress of their family. But Samon Kusaribe, a member of their family seeking to resurrect the ‘Tree of World's End,’ a tree that opposes the ‘Tree of Origins’ and controls the power of destruction, stuffs her into a barrel, and banishes her to a deserted island.
Tags: mages action fantasy mystery
7.70          8.11   

55. From the New World(2012-2013)

Alternate Title: Shinsekai yori
Runtime: Genres:Sci-Fi|Mystery|Horror|Psychological|Supernatural|Drama
Aired:Sep 29, 2012 to Mar 23, 2013 Episodes:25 Rating:R
Description:Born into a world 1000 years in our future, Saki and her friends live in utopia. Not only is their idyllic community overflowing with resources, but technology is obsolete, thanks to a magical power that grants the ability to materialize anything. However, when Saki discovers a lost artifact, the facade is shattered! Faced with a startling truth about their town, Saki and her companions face dangers they never knew existed, and their choices may change the fate of everyone.
Tags: dystopia espers monsters post-apocalyptic sages Telekinesis tragedy adventure drama fantasy horror mystery psychological science fiction
8.10          8.47   

56. Nichijou - My Ordinary Life(2011)

Alternate Title: Nichijou
Runtime: Genres:Slice of Life|Comedy|School|Shounen
Aired:Apr 3, 2011 to Sep 25, 2011 Episodes:26 Rating:PG-13
Description:Follow the adventures of three ordinary girls as they make life’s awkward moments a thousand times worse. Along with a colorful bunch of classmates, they learn their most important lessons the hard way. Meanwhile down the street, a pocket-sized professor makes life difficult for a robot who just wants to be normal. But normal is the last thing you can expect in a town where salmon falls from the sky. In fact, the only thing you can count on is your friends, but even they are totally weird.
Tags: absurdity School life comedy slice of life
8.30          8.52   

57. Violet Evergarden(2018)

Runtime: Genres:Drama|Fantasy|Slice of Life
Aired:Jan 11, 2018 to Apr 5, 2018 Episodes:13 Rating:PG-13
Description:Violet Evergarden, a young girl formerly known as 'the weapon,' has left the battlefield to start a new life at CH Postal Service. There, she is deeply moved by the work of 'Auto Memories Dolls,' who carry people's thoughts and convert them into words.Violet begins her journey as an Auto Memories Doll, and comes face to face with various people's emotions and differing shapes of love.
Tags: living dolls military steampunk tragic past war drama fantasy science fiction
8.50          8.59   

58. Bunny Drop(2011)

Alternate Title: Usagi Drop
Runtime: Genres:Josei|Slice of Life
Aired:Jul 8, 2011 to Sep 16, 2011 Episodes:11 Rating:PG-13
Description:At the funeral of elderly Souchiro Kawachi, his family is shocked to learn he had a six-year-old daughter named Rin. There is talk amongst the family of putting her up for adoption to avoid talk; disgusted at this behavior, Souchiro's grandson Daikichi decides to take her in himself and raise her as his own child. Thus he begins an arduous, consuming but ultimately satisfying trip through single parenthood, as he and Rin struggle to become a part of each other's lives and bond together.
Tags: adoption family iyashikei parenting single parents taking care of a child comedy slice of life
8.40          8.51   

59. Kamisama Kiss(2012-2015)

Alternate Title: Kamisama Hajimemashita
Runtime: Genres:Comedy|Demons|Supernatural|Romance|Fantasy|Shoujo
Aired:Oct 2, 2012 to Mar 30, 2015 Episodes:25 Rating:PG-13
Description:High schooler Nanami Momozono has quite a few problems of late, beginning with her absentee father being in such extreme debt that they lose everything. Downtrodden and homeless, she runs into a man being harassed by a dog. After helping him, she explains her situation, and to her surprise, he offers her his home in gratitude. But when she discovers that said home is a rundown shrine, she tries to leave; however, she is caught by two shrine spirits and a fox familiar named Tomoe.
Tags: bishounen gods school spirits youkai comedy romance supernatural
8.10          8.13   

60. My Love Story!!(2015)

Alternate Title: Ore Monogatari!!
Runtime: Genres:Comedy|Romance|Shoujo
Aired:Apr 9, 2015 to Sep 24, 2015 Episodes:24 Rating:PG-13
Description:Takeo Godau is a giant guy with a giant heart. Too bad the girls don't want him! (They always go for his good-looking best friend, Makoto Sunakawa.) Used to being on the sidelines, Takeo simply stands tall and accepts his fate. But one day when he saves a girl named Rinko Yamato from a harasser on the train, his (love!) life suddenly takes an incredible turn! Takeo can hardly believe it when he crosses paths with Rinko again, and he finds himself falling in love with her...
Tags: school life comedy romance
7.90          8.06   

61. Beelzebub(2011-2012)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Comedy|Demons|Supernatural|School|Shounen
Aired:Jan 9, 2011 to Mar 25, 2012 Episodes:60 Rating:PG-13
Description:Ishiyama High is a school populated entirely by delinquents, where nonstop violence and lawlessness are the norm. However, there is one universally acknowledged rule don't cross first year student Tatsumi Oga, Ishiyama's most vicious fighter.One day, Oga is by a riverbed when he encounters a man floating down the river. After being retrieved by Oga, the man splits down the middle to reveal a baby, which crawls onto Oga's back and immediately forms an attachment to him.
Tags: delinquents demons developing powers fighting Parenting School Taking care of a child action comedy slice of life supernatural
7.70          8.02   

62. (2011)

Alternate Title: Gosick
Runtime: Genres:Mystery|Historical|Drama|Romance
Aired:Jan 8, 2011 to Jul 2, 2011 Episodes:24 Rating:R
Description:Set in a fictional European country in 1924, a Japanese exchange student meets a mysterious, brilliant girl who only leaves the library to sleep. Her brother, a detective, relies on her exceptional mind to solve difficult mysteries.
Tags: alternate history detective folklore gothic lolita occult war adventure drama mystery romance
7.40          8.19   

63. A Lull in the Sea(2013-2014)

Alternate Title: Nagi no Asukara
Runtime: Genres:Drama|Fantasy|Romance
Aired:Oct 3, 2013 to Apr 3, 2014 Episodes:26 Rating:PG-13
Description:Long ago, humanity lived in the sea. But the humans who longed for the land left the sea behind. They cast aside the special raiment they'd been given by the sea god that let them live in the ocean. The thinking of the sea humans and the land humans became as separate as the places they lived, and as countless time passed, they forgot they were once one people. This will change as the land-dwelling human Tsumugu Kihara befriends four students who live in a village at the bottom of the sea.
Tags: parody post-apocalyptic sea-dwelling people underwater world unrequited love comedy drama fantasy romance
7.40          8.23   

64. Snow White with the Red Hair(2015)

Alternate Title: Akagami no Shirayuki-hime
Runtime: Genres:Fantasy|Romance|Drama|Shoujo
Aired:Jul 7, 2015 to Sep 22, 2015 Episodes:12 Rating:PG-13
Description:Shirayuki was a young girl born with unique apple-red hair. She meets a famous but foolish Prince Raji, who falls in love with her at first sight and orders her to become his concubine. With nowhere else to go, Shirayuki cuts her hair and escapes to a neighboring country. While traversing through the forests, she meets a young boy, Zen, who helps her after she boldly cures his wounds but then gets poisoned by an apple given to Shirayuki.
Tags: fairy tales historical royalty adventure drama fantasy romance
7.90          7.91   

65. Drifters(2016)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Adventure|Comedy|Historical|Samurai|Fantasy|Seinen
Aired:Oct 7, 2016 to Dec 23, 2016 Episodes:12 Rating:R
Description:Shimazu Toyohisa is a real-life samurai who fought in the pivotal Battle of Sekigahara. In his dying moments, Shimazu is transported to a world of magic with other famous warriors throughout history. These warriors are forced to fight each other in an endless battle.
Tags: gore historical other world parallel universe samurai action comedy fantasy
7.80          8.04   

66. Katanagatari(2010)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Adventure|Historical|Martial Arts|Romance
Aired:Jan 26, 2010 to Dec 11, 2010 Episodes:12 Rating:R
Description:Yasuri Shichika, seventh successor of the Kyoto Ryu (bladeless) sword art, lives on an isolated island with his older sister, Nanami. One day Shichika is visited by a woman named Togame, who requests his aid in her quest to find and collect the final twelve swords forged by the legendary master swordsmith, Shikizaki Kiki.
Tags: chanbara historical martial arts ninja swords swordsman action drama romance
7.90          8.43   

67. 91 Days(2016)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Drama|Historical
Aired:Jul 9, 2016 to Oct 1, 2016 Episodes:12 Rating:R
Description:During Prohibition, the law held no power and the mafia ruled the town. The story takes place in Lawless, a town thriving on black market sales of illicitly brewed liquor. Avilio returns to Lawless after some time away, following the murder of his family in a mafia dispute there. One day, Avilio receives a letter from a mysterious sender, prompting him to return to Lawless for revenge.
Tags: historical mafia revenge tragedy action drama thriller
7.80          7.89   

68. The Ancient Magus' Bride(2017-2018)

Alternate Title: Mahoutsukai no Yome
Runtime: Genres:Slice of Life|Fantasy|Magic|Shounen
Aired:Oct 8, 2017 to Mar 25, 2018 Episodes:24 Rating:PG-13
Description:Chise Hatori, 15 years old. Lost, without hope, and without family, she is bought for money not by another person, but by a non-human sorcerer named Elias. Though she hesitates, she begins life anew as his apprentice and future wife.
Tags: special abilities drama magic romance
8.00          8.24   

69. Little Witch Academia(2017)

Runtime: Genres:Adventure|Comedy|Fantasy|Magic|School
Aired:Jan 9, 2017 to Jun 26, 2017 Episodes:25 Rating:PG
Description:When she was a little girl, Atsuko Akko Kagari saw a magic show performed by a witch named Shiny Chariot. From that day on she wanted to be just like her. Enrolling at Luna Nova Magical Academy and having no magical background, can she become a witch like her idol Shiny Chariot?
Tags: school witches action magic
8.00          8.11   

70. Kids on the Slope(2012)

Alternate Title: Sakamichi no Apollon
Runtime: Genres:Drama|Josei|Music|Romance|School
Aired:Apr 13, 2012 to Jun 29, 2012 Episodes:12 Rating:PG-13
Description:Introverted classical pianist and top student Kaoru Nishimi has just arrived in Kyushu for his first year of high school. Having constantly moved from place to place since his childhood, he abandons all hope of fitting in, preparing himself for another lonely, meaningless year. That is, until he encounters the notorious delinquent Sentarou Kawabuchi.
Tags: coming of age friendship music drama romance
8.40          8.43   

71. Black Butler: Book of Circus(2014)

Alternate Title: Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus
Runtime: Genres:Comedy|Demons|Fantasy|Historical|Shounen|Supernatural
Aired:Jul 11, 2014 to Sep 12, 2014 Episodes:10 Rating:R
Description:In Victorian-era London, on the night of Ciel Phantomhive's tenth birthday, a fire destroyed his manor and killed both of his parents. In a moment of despair, Ciel strikes a deal with a demon his soul in exchange for revenge. This demon becomes his butler, to protect and serve Ciel until the deal has been completed and calls himself by name of Sebastian Michaelis. One month after the fire Ciel returns from being missing, with his new butler Sebastian.
Tags: bishounen dark comedy demons historical shinigami action comedy mystery supernatural
8.30          8.32   

72. A Certain Scientific Railgun S(2013)

Alternate Title: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S
Runtime: Genres:Action|Sci-Fi|Super Power
Aired:Apr 12, 2013 to Sep 27, 2013 Episodes:48 Rating:R
Description: The techno metropolis is packed with supernaturally powered students known as espers, including Misaka and her roommate, Kuroko. She uses her teleportation skills as a member of the Judgment law enforcement team, fighting crime alongside her fellow agent Uiharu.
Tags: clones crime busters espers fanservice human experimentation school shoujo-ai superpowers action comedy drama science fiction
7.70          8.11   

73. Owarimonogatari(2015)

Runtime: Genres:Mystery|Comedy|Supernatural|Vampire
Aired:Oct 4, 2015 to Dec 20, 2015 Episodes:12 Rating:R
Description:The Monogatari Series revolves around on Koyomi Araragi, a third-year high school student who survived a vampire attack, and finds himself helping some girls involved with all kinds of apparitions, deities, ghosts, mythological beasts, and spirits.
Tags: comedy drama mystery supernatural
8.00          8.44   

74. Chihayafuru(2011-2013)

Runtime: Genres:Drama|Game|Josei|School|Slice of Life|Sports
Aired:Oct 5, 2011 to Jun 28, 2013 Episodes:50 Rating:PG-13
Description:Chihaya meets a boy named Arata, a talented karuta player. He thinks that she has a potential to become a great player. Then, Chihaya takes on a new dream of becoming Japan's best karuta player.
Tags: card games karuta drama
8.20          8.28   

75. Tsukigakirei(2017)

Alternate Title: Tsuki ga Kirei
Runtime: Genres:Romance|School
Aired:Apr 7, 2017 to Jun 30, 2017 Episodes:12 Rating:PG-13
Description:Kotarou Azumi and Akane Mizuno became third year students at junior high school and are classmates for the first time. These two, along with fellow classmates, Chinatsu Nishio and Takumi Hira, relate to their peers through mutual understandings and feelings. As their final year at junior high school progresses, the group overcome their challenges to mature and become aware of changes in themselves.
Tags: coming of age love rectangle school social-networking drama romance
7.90          8.33   

76. Rainbow(2010)

Alternate Title: Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin
Runtime: Genres:Drama|Historical|Seinen|Thriller
Aired:Apr 7, 2010 to Sep 29, 2010 Episodes:26 Rating:R
Description:About ten years after the Second World War, a group of juvenile offenders are sent to the Shounan Special Reform School, a kind of juvenile detention center, to deal with the atrocities and injustices they experienced in the war.
Tags: abuse boxing delinquents prison drama horror romance thriller
8.30          8.59   

77. Silver Spoon(2013)

Alternate Title: Gin no Saji
Runtime: Genres:Comedy|School|Shounen|Slice of Life
Aired:Jul 12, 2013 to Sep 20, 2013 Episodes:22 Rating:PG-13
Description:Yuugo Hachiken enrolled in Ooezo Agricultural High School for the reason that he could live in a dorm there. In some ways he chose Ooezo in an effort to escape the highly competitive prep schools he had attended previously, but he was faced with an entirely new set of difficulties at Oezo, surrounded by animals and Mother Nature. After growing up in an average family, he began to encounter clubs and training the likes of which he had never seen before.
Tags: agriculture animal welfarism farmers school comedy slice of life
8.10          8.15   

78. Space Dandy(2014)

Alternate Title: Space?Dandy
Runtime: Genres:Sci-Fi|Space|Comedy
Aired:Jan 5, 2014 to Sep 25, 2014 Episodes:26 Rating:PG-13
Description:Space Dandy is a dandy in space! This dreamy adventurer with a to-die-for pompadour travels across the galaxy in search of aliens no one has ever laid eyes on. Each new species he discovers earns him a hefty reward, but this dandy has to be quick on his feet because it’s first come – first served! Accompanied by his sidekicks, a rundown robot named QT and Meow the cat-looking space alien, Dandy bravely explores unknown worlds inhabited by a variety aliens.
Tags: aliens parody space action comedy science fiction
8.10          7.88   

79. Shirobako(2014-2015)

Runtime: Genres:Comedy|Drama
Aired:Oct 9, 2014 to Mar 26, 2015 Episodes:24 Rating:PG-13
Description:A 'shirobako' refers to the white box into which a finalized tape of a film is put, full of the effort of everyone who worked on it. Five girls have their eyes set on getting in a white box as they try to find success in the anime industry through writing, production, and voice acting.
Tags: Animation Industry slice of life
8.10          8.43   

80. Ping Pong the Animation(2014)

Alternate Title: Ping Pong The Animation
Runtime: Genres:Sports|Psychological|Drama|Seinen
Aired:Apr 11, 2014 to Jun 20, 2014 Episodes:11 Rating:PG-13
Description:Despite having drastically different personalities, high school boys Peco and Smile have been friends since childhood. Now, they’re both talented members of a table tennis club but what happens when these sports lovers have to go up against each other in tournaments?
Tags: coming of age ping pong sports psychological slice of life tournament
8.60          8.64   

81. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.(2016-2018)

Alternate Title: Saiki Kusuo no ?-nan
Runtime: Genres:Comedy|School|Shounen|Slice of Life|Supernatural
Aired:Jul 4, 2016 to Jun 27, 2018 Episodes:144 Rating:PG-13
Description:Gifted with a wide assortment of supernatural abilities ranging from telepathy to x-ray vision, Kusuo Saiki finds this so-called blessing to be nothing but a curse. As all the inconveniences his powers cause constantly pile up, all Kusuo aims for is an ordinary, hassle-free life a life where ignorance is bliss.
Tags: espers psychics school special abilities comedy slice of life supernatural
8.20          8.56   

82. March comes in like a lion(2016-2018)

Alternate Title: 3-gatsu no Lion
Runtime: Genres:Game|Slice of Life|Drama|Seinen
Aired:Oct 8, 2016 to Mar 31, 2018 Episodes:44 Rating:PG-13
Description:Rei is a 17-year old professional shogi player, who lives by himself, not having a real family, and has scarcely any friends. Among his acquaintances is a family, which consists of a young woman, Akari, and two young girls, Hinata and Momo, and who also keep a numerous number of cats.
Tags: depression family shogi shougi comedy drama tournament
8.10          8.43   

83. Princess Jellyfish(2010)

Alternate Title: Kuragehime
Runtime: Genres:Slice of Life|Comedy|Josei
Aired:Oct 15, 2010 to Dec 31, 2010 Episodes:11 Rating:PG-13
Description:Amamizukan is an apartment complex where no boys are allowed. Tsukimi, a girl who adores jellyfish, lives there happily with her friends who all have nerdy obsessions of their own. Their peaceful lives gradually start to change when a beautiful woman helps Tsukimi out of a pinch.
Tags: crossdressing fashion otaku parody comedy romance
8.00          8.20   

84. Megalo Box(2018)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Sports|Sci-Fi|Drama|Slice of Life
Aired:Apr 6, 2018 to Jun 29, 2018 Episodes:13 Rating:R
Description:Megalo Box, an evolution of boxing that utilizes mechanical limbs known as Gear to enhance the speed and power of its users. Despite the young man's brimming potential as a boxer, the illegal nature of his participation forces him to make a living off of throwing matches as dictated by his boss Gansaku Nanbu. However, this all changes when the Megalo Box champion Yuuri enters his shabby ring under the guise of just another challenger.
Tags: boxing future sports drama science fiction tournament
8.20          8.13   

85. (2018)

Alternate Title: Hinamatsuri
Runtime: Genres:Comedy|Supernatural|Sci-Fi|Slice of Life|Seinen
Aired:Apr 6, 2018 to Jun 22, 2018 Episodes:12 Rating:PG-13
Description:One night, a strange object falls on the head of Nitta, a member of the yakuza. Inside the box is a strange young girl named Hina. She has tremendous supernatural powers, and Nitta finds himself reluctantly taking her in. Her powers can come in handy for his yakuza business, but he also runs the risk of her using them on him! Not to mention, if she doesn't use her powers, she will eventually go berserk and destroy everything around her. Nitta and Hina's strange life together is just beginning...
Tags: espers special abilities yakuza comedy slice of life supernatural
8.00          8.36   

86. The Tatami Galaxy(2010)

Alternate Title: Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei
Runtime: Genres:Mystery|Comedy|Psychological|Romance
Aired:Apr 23, 2010 to Jul 2, 2010 Episodes:11 Rating:R
Description:The story revolves around an unnamed third-year Kyoto University student who reminisces about his early campus life. He meets Ozu whose encouragement sets him on a mission of dubious morality. He contemplates his affection for a younger female student, Akashi, and makes promises to her, usually of and within a romantic subtext. The culmination of his dubious missions often conflict with his interest in her in some way.
Tags: absurdity comedy drama psychological
8.40          8.65   

87. Yowamushi Pedal(2013-2014)

Runtime: Genres:Comedy|Sports|Drama|Shounen
Aired:Oct 8, 2013 to Jul 1, 2014 Episodes:38 Rating:PG-13
Description:Sakamichi Onada is a wimpy high school freshman who loves anime. He initially wants to enter the anime club, but winds up joining the cycling club after meeting two classmates who are already famous cyclists. He undertakes the grueling training to compete in races, and discovers his own hidden talent in cycling.
Tags: bicycle competition cycling sport comedy slice of life tournament
8.00          8.10   

88. MUSHI-SHI -Next Passage-(2014)

Alternate Title: Mushishi Zoku Shou
Runtime: Genres:Adventure|Slice of Life|Mystery|Historical|Supernatural|Fantasy|Seinen
Aired:Apr 5, 2014 to Dec 21, 2014 Episodes:22 Rating:PG-13
Description:They existed long before anyone can remember. They are simple and strange in nature, not resembling any other plant or animal in this world. In ancient times, people revered these bizarre creatures and called them 'Mushi'. People once again began to believe in the existence of these 'Mushi' when they began affecting their lives in inexplicable ways.
Tags: folklore iyashikei mythology nature spirits adventure drama mystery psychological supernatural
8.90          8.76   

89. Land of the Lustrous(2017)

Alternate Title: Houseki no Kuni
Runtime: Genres:Action|Drama|Fantasy|Mystery|Seinen
Aired:Oct 7, 2017 to Dec 23, 2017 Episodes:12 Rating:PG-13
Description:In the distant future, a new immortal and genderless life form called Gems populate the Earth. The 28 Gems must fight against the Lunarians, who attack them regularly to abduct them and to turn them into decorations. Each Gem is assigned a role, such as a fighter or a medic. Being only 300 years old, Phosphophyllite is the youngest of the Gems and has no assignment yet
Tags: action drama fantasy mystery
7.90          8.46   

90. A Place Further Than The Universe(2018)

Alternate Title: Sora yori mo Tooi Basho
Runtime: Genres:Slice of Life|Adventure
Aired:Jan 2, 2018 to Mar 27, 2018 Episodes:13 Rating:PG-13
Description:Filled with an overwhelming sense of wonder for the world around her, Mari Tamaki has always dreamt of what lies beyond the reaches of the universe. However, despite harboring such large aspirations on the inside, her fear of the unknown and anxiety over her own possible limitations have always held her back from chasing them. But now, in her second year of high school, Mari is more determined than ever to not let any more of her youth go to waste.
Tags: antarctica high school adventure comedy drama
8.10          8.61   

91. Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi - World's Greatest First Love (2011)

Alternate Title: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi
Runtime: Genres:Comedy|Drama|Romance|Shounen Ai
Aired:Apr 9, 2011 to Dec 24, 2011 Episodes:24 Rating:PG-13
Description:Rookie literary editor Onodera Ritsu finds himself working for the Marukawa Publishing Company. To his surprise the only job available is in the Shojo Manga division of the company. The editor and chief of the manga division, Masamune Takano, can't help but feel that he knows his newest editor.
Tags: Editor First Love Intense Manga Mangaka Shounen-ai yaoi comedy erotica romance
8.00          8.21   

92. Welcome to the Ballroom(2017)

Alternate Title: Ballroom e Youkoso
Runtime: Genres:Comedy|Drama|Romance|School|Shounen|Sports
Aired:Jul 9, 2017 to Dec 17, 2017 Episodes:24 Rating:PG-13
Description:Tatara is an average middle school student with no particular dreams until an unexpected incident draws him into the fascinating world of ballroom dancing. 'If I can just find one thing to be passionate about...' He dives into the world of dance, believing it's his opportunity to change.
Tags: dance drama tournament
7.80          8.32   

93. Laid-Back Camp(2018)

Alternate Title: Yuru Camp?
Runtime: Genres:Slice of Life|Comedy
Aired:Jan 4, 2018 to Mar 22, 2018 Episodes:12 Rating:PG-13
Description:While the perfect getaway for most girls her age might be a fancy vacation with their loved ones, Rin Shima's ideal way of spending her days off is camping alone at the base of Mount Fuji. From pitching her tent to gathering firewood, she has always done everything by herself, and has no plans of leaving her little solitary world.
Tags: camping comedy slice of life
7.60          8.32   

94. Ace of Diamond(2013-2015)

Alternate Title: Diamond no Ace
Runtime: Genres:Comedy|School|Shounen|Sports
Aired:Oct 6, 2013 to Mar 29, 2015 Episodes:75 Rating:PG-13
Description:Eijun Sawamura is a pitcher who joins an elite school with a brilliant catcher named Kazuya Miyuki. Together with the rest of the team, they strive for Japan's storied Koushien championships through hard work and determination.
Tags: baseball sport comedy slice of life tournament
8.20          8.20   

95. Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju(2016-2017)

Alternate Title: Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
Runtime: Genres:Drama|Historical|Josei
Aired:Jan 9, 2016 to Mar 25, 2017 Episodes:25 Rating:PG-13
Description:Yotarou is a former yakuza member fresh out of prison and fixated on just one thing: rather than return to a life of crime, the young man aspires to take to the stage of Rakugo, a traditional Japanese form of comedic storytelling.
Tags: historical rakugo drama
8.20          8.62   

96. Steins Gate Zero(2018 - ...)

Alternate Title: Steins;Gate 0
Runtime: Genres:Sci-Fi|Thriller
Aired:Apr 12, 2018 to ? Episodes:23 Rating:PG-13
Description:The dark untold story of Steins;Gate that leads with the eccentric mad scientist Okabe, struggling to recover from a failed attempt at rescuing Kurisu. He decides to give up and abandons his lively scientist alter ego, in pursuit to forget the past. When all seems to be normal, he is seemingly pulled back into the past by meeting an acquaintance of Kurisu, who tells him that they have begun testing a device that stores the memory of a human and creates a simulation of them.
Tags: amnesia butterfly effect conspiracy technology Time travel tragedy
8.50          8.90   

97. SKET Dance(2011-2012)

Runtime: Genres:Comedy|School|Shounen
Aired:Apr 7, 2011 to Sep 27, 2012 Episodes:77 Rating:PG-13
Description:A high school group 'SKET Dance' is dedicated to helping students and staff alike with literally any problem they may have. Partly due to this ambiguity and strange set of individuals in the group, they are often looked down upon but regardless, the three members will enthusiastically do anything to complete the jobs presented to them.
Tags: help club parody school comedy drama mystery
7.70          8.32   

98. Girls' Last Tour(2017)

Alternate Title: Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou
Runtime: Genres:Adventure|Mystery|Sci-Fi|Slice of Life
Aired:Oct 6, 2017 to Dec 22, 2017 Episodes:12 Rating:PG-13
Description:In a future where most of humanity has perished, two girls explore the ruins of civilization, looking for food and fuel. With Chito behind the wheel and Yuuri handling gun duties, they try to salvage what’s left of their post-apocalyptic world.
Tags: post-apocalpytic adventure drama
7.70          8.18   

99. Space Brothers(2012-2014)

Alternate Title: Uchuu Kyoudai
Runtime: Genres:Comedy|Sci-Fi|Seinen|Slice of Life|Space
Aired:Apr 1, 2012 to Mar 22, 2014 Episodes:99 Rating:PG-13
Description:When they were young, the brothers Mutta and Hibito promised each other they would become astronauts. Now, in 2025, Hibito has followed his dream to become the first Japanese on the moon, but Mutta has just been fired from his job. His brother reminds him of their childhood promise, and Mutta decides once again to aim for space.
Tags: astronaut brothers childhood dream JAXA mature NASA space technology science fiction
8.20          8.55   

100. Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2199(2012-2013)

Alternate Title: Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199
Runtime: Genres:Action|Drama|Military|Sci-Fi|Space
Aired:May 25, 2012 to Oct 25, 2013 Episodes:26 Rating:PG-13
Description:The year is 2199. The human race has been crushed in their war with the Gamilos, driven into underground cities by the invader's assault. Scientists estimate they have only a year left. The young officers Susumu Kodai and Daisuke Shima receive a mysterious capsule from a ship that made an emergency landing on Mars and return with it to Earth. It contains humanity's last hope: the planet Iscandar on the other side of the Magellan Galaxy has the technology to defeat the Gamilos.
Tags: battleships conspiracy military space space navy space opera spaceships war adventure drama romance science fiction
8.20          8.44   

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