Top Old School anime Series

List includes Top Old School anime series. Anime are selected from 70s, 80s and 90s TV series. Anime are selected by aggregating users score and personal view. Total 41 Titles and 5529 Views.

1. Cowboy Bebop(1998-1999)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Adventure|Comedy|Drama|Sci-Fi|Space
Aired:Apr 3, 1998 to Apr 24, 1999 Episodes:26 Rating:R
Description:In 2071, roughly fifty years after an accident with a hyperspace gateway made the Earth almost uninhabitable, humanity has colonized most of the rocky planets and moons of the Solar System. Amid a rising crime rate, the Inter Solar System Police (ISSP) set up a legalized contract system, in which registered bounty hunters (also referred to as Cowboys) chase criminals and bring them in alive in return for a reward.
Tags: bounty hunters space space western action drama science fiction
8.90          8.81   

2. Dragon Ball Z(1989-1996)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Adventure|Comedy|Fantasy|Martial Arts|Shounen|Super Power
Aired:Apr 26, 1989 to Jan 31, 1996 Episodes:291 Rating:PG-13
Description:The adventures of Earth's martial arts defender Son Goku continue with a new family and the revelation of his alien origin. Now Goku and his allies must defend the planet from an onslaught of new extraterrestrial enemies.
Tags: aliens developing powers fighting martial arts superheros action fantasy science fiction tournament
8.70          8.30   

3. Neon Genesis Evangelion(1995-1996)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Sci-Fi|Dementia|Psychological|Drama|Mecha
Aired:Oct 4, 1995 to Mar 27, 1996 Episodes:26 Rating:PG-13
Description:At the turn of the century, the Angels returned to Earth, seeking to wipe out humanity in an apocalyptic fury. Devastated, mankind's last remnants moved underground to wait for the day when the Angels would come back to finish the job. Fifteen years later, that day has come... but this time, humanity is ready to fight back with terrifying bio-mechanical weapons known as the Evangelions.
Tags: Angst hybrid robot mecha military post-apocalyptic super robot tragedy action drama psychological science fiction
8.60          8.32   

4. Dragon Ball(1986-1989)

Runtime: Genres:Adventure|Comedy|Fantasy|Martial Arts|Shounen|Super Power
Aired:Feb 26, 1986 to Apr 12, 1989 Episodes:153 Rating:PG-13
Description:Long ago in the mountains, a fighting master known as Gohan discovered a strange boy whom he named Goku. Gohan raised him and trained Goku in martial arts until he died. The young and very strong boy was on his own, but easily managed. Then one day, Goku met a teenage girl named Bulma, whose search for the dragon balls brought her to Goku's home. Together, they set off to find all seven dragon balls in an adventure that would change Goku's life forever.
Tags: aliens developing powers fighting martial arts adventure comedy fantasy tournament
8.60          8.15   

5. Trigun(1998)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Sci-Fi|Adventure|Comedy|Drama|Shounen
Aired:Apr 1, 1998 to Sep 30, 1998 Episodes:26 Rating:PG-13
Description:Trigun takes place in the distant future on a deserted planet. Vash the Stampede is a gunfighter with a legend so ruthless he has a $60,000,000,000 bounty on his head. Entire towns evacuate at the rumor of his arrival. But the real Vash the Stampede, the enigmatic and conflicted lead character in Trigun, is more heroic, even though he usually acts like a complete idiot.
Tags: post-apocalyptic space western western action comedy drama science fiction
8.30          8.30   

6. Great Teacher Onizuka(1999-2000)

Runtime: Genres:Comedy|Drama|School|Shounen|Slice of Life
Aired:Jun 30, 1999 to Sep 17, 2000 Episodes:43 Rating:R
Description:Onizuka is an ex-biker and gang leader who has one goal, to become the greatest teacher. He learns of the power and respect possible as an intern teacher, using his strength and connections to get his students to respect him. Now, graduated, he gets a job at a prestigious private school to handle their 'problem class' that made the past few teachers quit. He must handle a different sort of trouble when the trouble makers include some of the smartest kids in Japan.
Tags: delinquents school troublesome kids comedy drama
8.60          8.73   

7. Berserk(1997-1998)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Adventure|Demons|Drama|Fantasy|Horror|Military|Romance|Seinen|Supernatural
Aired:Oct 8, 1997 to Apr 1, 1998 Episodes:25 Rating:R+
Description:Guts, a man who calls himself 'The Black Swordsman' looks upon his days serving as a member of a group of mercenaries, the Band of the Hawk, nicknamed 'the Grim Reaper of the Battlefield'. Led by an ambitious, ruthless, and intelligent man named Griffith, together they battle their way into the royal court, and are forced into a fate that may change their entire lives.
Tags: bloodshed demons medieval middle ages sword-fights swordplay war action drama fantasy horror
8.50          8.46   

8. Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files(1992-1995)

Alternate Title: Yu Yu Hakusho
Runtime: Genres:Action|Comedy|Demons|Supernatural|Martial Arts|Shounen
Aired:Oct 10, 1992 to Jan 7, 1995 Episodes:112 Rating:PG-13
Description:One day, 14-year-old Yusuke Urameshi suddenly finds himself dead, having died pushing a child out of the way of oncoming traffic. Since he has such a bad personality, even the Spirit World was caught by surprise that he would sacrifice himself. Yusuke soon finds out he wasn't supposed to die and has a chance for resurrection and bringing his body back to life.
Tags: demons detective fighting martial arts shinigami special abilities spirits youkai action comedy drama supernatural tournament
8.40          8.48   

9. Rurouni Kenshin(1996-1998)

Alternate Title: Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan
Runtime: Genres:Action|Adventure|Comedy|Historical|Romance|Samurai|Shounen
Aired:Jan 10, 1996 to Sep 8, 1998 Episodes:94 Rating:PG-13
Description:The Meiji Era was one of great renewal for Japan, where swords and killing were outlawed. However, many survivors from the time of Revolution still live, lurking in the shadows and waiting for a chance to use their killing blades again. Only Kenshin Himura, formerly one of the most brutal of killers, hopes to keep his swordsman's honor and still live in the new era.
Tags: historical martial arts politics samurai swordplay action comedy drama
8.50          8.39   

10. Cardcaptor Sakura(1998-2000)

Runtime: Genres:Adventure|Comedy|Drama|Magic|Romance|Fantasy|School|Shoujo
Aired:Apr 7, 1998 to Mar 21, 2000 Episodes:70 Rating:PG
Description:Sakura Kinomoto, an elementary school student who discovers that she possesses magical powers after accidentally freeing a set of magical cards from the book they had been sealed in for years. She is then tasked with retrieving those cards in order to avoid an unknown catastrophe from befalling the world.
Tags: magical girl school adventure comedy magic romance
8.00          8.21   

11. Serial Experiments Lain(1998)

Runtime: Genres:Dementia|Drama|Mystery|Psychological|Sci-Fi|Supernatural
Aired:Jul 6, 1998 to Sep 28, 1998 Episodes:13 Rating:R
Description:Lain is an avant-garde anime influenced by philosophical subjects such as reality, identity, and communication. The series focuses on Lain Iwakura, an adolescent girl living in suburban Japan, and her introduction to the Wired, a global communications network similar to the Internet.
Tags: computers cyberpunk virtual reality drama mystery psychological science fiction supernatural
8.20          8.00   

12. Hunter x Hunter(1999-2001)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Adventure|Super Power|Fantasy|Shounen
Aired:Oct 16, 1999 to Mar 31, 2001 Episodes:62 Rating:PG-13
Description:The story focuses on a young boy named Gon Freecss, who one day discovers that the father he had always been told was dead is in fact alive and well. He learns that his father, Ging, is a famous 'Hunter': an individual who has proven themself an elite member of humanity. Despite the fact that Ging left his son with his relatives in order to pursue his own dreams, Gon becomes determined to follow in him.
Tags: assassins revenge special abilities adventure drama fantasy tournament
8.70          8.47   

13. Golden Boy(1995-1996)

Runtime: Genres:Adventure|Comedy|Ecchi
Aired:Oct 27, 1995 to Jun 28, 1996 Episodes:6 Rating:R+
Description:Golden Boy is the story of Kintaro Oe, a twenty-five-year-old in pursuit of life's lessons. A brilliant student, he dropped out of Tokyo Universiy's law program because he had had mastered the entire curriculum. Now he lives a simple life, traveling on his bicycle and working numerous part-time jobs ranging from software companies to noodle restaurants in order to learn everything that he can about the world.
Tags: ecchi fanservice comedy
8.10          8.04   

14. Initial D First Stage(1998)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Cars|Drama|Seinen|Sports
Aired:Apr 19, 1998 to Dec 6, 1998 Episodes:26 Rating:PG-13
Description:Takumi Fujiwara is the son of the owner of a local tofu shop. At night, Fujiwara gets in his souped up AE86 Sprinter Trueno and races on the seldom-used Japanese mountain roads. One night, the Akagi Red Suns team, a racing club, challenges the Akina Speed Stars to a race on the mountain where Fujiwara lives. Keisuke, one of the leaders of the Red Suns, races his legendary Mazda RX-7 - only to be beaten by the mysterious Fujiwara.
Tags: auto racing sports drama tournament
8.40          8.29   

15. Ranma ½(1989-1992)

Alternate Title:
Runtime: Genres:Slice of Life|Comedy|Martial Arts|Fantasy|Shounen
Aired:Apr 15, 1989 to Sep 25, 1992 Episodes:161 Rating:R+
Description:Saotome Ranma, a teenage martial artist, and his father Genma travel to the 'cursed training ground' of Jusenkyo in China. There, despite the warnings of the Chinese guard, they fall into the cursed springs. From now on, whenever Ranma is doused in cold water, he turns in to a girl, and a cute, well-built red-head at that. Hot water changes him back into a man again, but only until the next time. To make matters worse, his father engages him to Tendo Akane, a girl who hates boys.
Tags: body switching fanservice gender switch harem martial arts slapstick tsundere action comedy romance supernatural
8.30          7.84   

16. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing(1995-1996)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Military|Sci-Fi|Space|Drama|Mecha
Aired:Apr 7, 1995 to Mar 29, 1996 Episodes:49 Rating:PG-13
Description:Mankind has moved into space. Thousands of people live on giant orbiting space colonies called 'Sides'. However, the Earth Government, which rules the colonies, is unjust and cruel. A group of revolutionaries builds five robotic weapons called Gundams and plans to send them to Earth to begin their fight for independence. Piloted by five young men, these Gundams carry the hopes and dreams of freedom of the colonists.
Tags: mecha military real robot space space colonies war action drama science fiction
8.20          7.83   

17. Slam Dunk(1993-1996)

Runtime: Genres:Comedy|Sports|Drama|School|Shounen
Aired:Oct 16, 1993 to Mar 23, 1996 Episodes:101 Rating:PG-13
Description:Sakuragi Hanamichi is a junior high punk used to getting into fights and being rejected by girls but upon entering high school he meets the girl of his dreams, Haruko Akagi. He will do anything in order to win her heart including joining the school basketball team that is aiming to conquer the nation lead by Haruko's brother. The problem is that Sakuragi has never played basketball before and a freshman sensation is stealing the spotlight and Haruko's affection from him.
Tags: basketball sports comedy tournament
8.60          8.54   

18. Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac(1986-1989)

Alternate Title: Saint Seiya
Runtime: Genres:Adventure|Fantasy|Sci-Fi|Shounen
Aired:Oct 11, 1986 to Apr 1, 1989 Episodes:114 Rating:PG-13
Description:Ages ago, the goddess Athena was served by fighters called Saints who channeled the power of the Cosmos within them. Now a youth named Seiya has trained to become a Saint himself by earning the mystical Cloth of Pegasus. He is joined by other Saints with Cloths of their own to fight for Athena.
Tags: bishounen constellations fighting gods action
8.60          7.95   

19. Outlaw Star(1998)

Alternate Title: Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star
Runtime: Genres:Action|Sci-Fi|Adventure|Space|Comedy
Aired:Jan 9, 1998 to Jun 26, 1998 Episodes:24 Rating:R+
Description:Outlaw Star follows the outlaw Gene Starwind and his eleven year-old business associate, Jim Hawking. Together they run a small jack-of-all-trades business on the backwater planet Sentinel III. After the two take a job as bodyguards for a mysterious outlaw, they find themselves the owners of the XGP15A-II, a highly advanced prototype spacecraft, and the caretakers of a bio-android named Melfina, The series follows the exploits of the slowly growing ragtag crew.
Tags: bounty hunters pirates space space western adventure comedy drama magic science fiction
7.90          7.95   

20. Revolutionary Girl Utena(1997)

Alternate Title: Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Runtime: Genres:Mystery|Comedy|Psychological|Drama|Fantasy|Shoujo
Aired:Apr 2, 1997 to Dec 24, 1997 Episodes:39 Rating:PG-13
Description:After meeting a traveling prince who consoled her after the deaths of her parents, Utena Tenjou vowed to become a prince herself. The prince left Utena only with a ring bearing a strange rose crest and a promise that she would meet him again some day.
Tags: Duels school drama magic psychological romance
8.20          8.21   

21. Legend of the Galactic Heroes(1988-1997)

Alternate Title: Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu
Runtime: Genres:Military|Sci-Fi|Space|Drama
Aired:Jan 8, 1988 to Mar 17, 1997 Episodes:110 Rating:R
Description:A classic SpaceOpera, where 2 major empires fight between them with their own beliefs and ideals. In the imperial side 'Reinhard Von Lohengram' a military genius and somehow different to make the change on the core of the corrupt noble elite on the other side in the free Planets coalition is Wen-Li, who joined the military to be an historian, this makes him a well known tactician men with an variety of knowledge in past military tactics.
Tags: military politics space space battles space navy war drama science fiction
9.10          9.08   

22. Mobile Suit Gundam(1979-1980)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Space|Mecha|Military|Sci-Fi
Aired:Apr 7, 1979 to Jan 26, 1980 Episodes:43 Rating:PG-13
Description:In the war between the Earth Federation and Zeon, a young and inexperienced crew find themselves on a new spaceship. Their best hope of making it through the conflict is the Gundam, a giant humanoid robot, and its gifted teenage pilot.
Tags: mecha military real robot war action drama science fiction
8.10          7.87   

23. Slayers Next(1996)

Runtime: Genres:Adventure|Comedy|Demons|Magic|Fantasy
Aired:Apr 5, 1996 to Sep 27, 1996 Episodes:26 Rating:PG-13
Description:Slayers follows the exploits of the young sorceress Lina Inverse, whose life revolves around food, treasure, and fighting. After stealing treasure from a group of bandits, Lina is accosted by stragglers during her journey to the next town. She's not in any real danger, but a dim-witted but good-natured swordsman named Gourry Gabriev springs to her rescue anyways. The two team up, and head to Atlas City, fighting foes they encounter on the way.
Tags: demons fighting monsters sword and sorcery adventure comedy fantasy
7.60          8.11   

24. Now and Then, Here and There(1999-2000)

Alternate Title: Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku
Runtime: Genres:Adventure|Drama|Fantasy|Military|Sci-Fi
Aired:Oct 14, 1999 to Jan 20, 2000 Episodes:13 Rating:R
Description:Shu is a typical Japanese boy, but has an unbeatable, optimistic and determined attitude. However, when he sees a mysterious girl with strange eyes named Lala-Ru up on a smokestack, he is soon pulled into a strange desert world. Shu soon discovers the true terrors of war, which includes genocide, brutal torture, hunger, thirst, and child explotation. Now Shu is trying to save Lala-Ru, as well as his hard earned, and often relunctant, new friends from the insane dictator, Hamdo.
Tags: Another world military post-apocalyptic war adventure drama science fiction
8.10          7.74   

25. Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team(1996-1999)

Runtime: Genres:Military|Sci-Fi|Adventure|Drama|Romance|Mecha
Aired:Jan 25, 1996 to Jul 25, 1999 Episodes:12 Rating:PG-13
Description:In year 0079 of the Universal Century, the Earth Federation initiates Operation Odessa a full-scale assault to retake a major Ukrainian city from the Principality of Zeon. It is a success, and the remaining Zeon forces scatter across the globe. The Earth Federation gains the upper hand in the One Year War and deploys its ground troops around the planet to hunt down the stragglers.
Tags: mecha military real robot war action drama romance science fiction
8.00          8.09   

26. Macross(1982-1983)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Mecha|Military|Music|Romance|Sci-Fi|Space
Aired:Oct 3, 1982 to Jun 26, 1983 Episodes:36 Rating:PG-13
Description:In the middle of World War III in 1999, an alien ship crashes on deserted Macross island. In response to this event, a cease fire is declared as the ship reveals evidence of a potential extraterrestrial threat that could come to retrieve it. In response, the nations of the world unite to create the United Nations Space Navy.
Tags: aliens idols love triangle mecha military music space action drama romance science fiction
8.60          8.04   

27. Fist of the North Star(1984-1987)

Alternate Title: Hokuto no Ken
Runtime: Genres:Action|Sci-Fi|Drama|Martial Arts|Shounen
Aired:Oct 4, 1984 to Mar 5, 1987 Episodes:109 Rating:R
Description:In the year 199X, human civilization has been all but destroyed by a nuclear holocaust. In an age where the strong rule over the weak, the survivors of the fallout struggle over the remaining supply food and water left. Kenshiro, successor to an ancient, deadly martial art known as Hokuto Shinken (Fist of the North Star), wanders the wasteland with seven scars in the shape of the Big Dipper on his chest. This infamous style uses the body's hidden 708 pressure points to destroy opponents.
Tags: martial arts post-apocalyptic action adventure drama romance science fiction tournament
8.30          7.94   

28. The Rose of Versailles(1979-1980)

Alternate Title: Rose of Versailles
Runtime: Genres:Military|Historical|Drama|Romance|Shoujo
Aired:Oct 10, 1979 to Sep 3, 1980 Episodes:40 Rating:PG-13
Description:Raised from birth as a man, the Lady Oscar commands the palace guards at Versailles in the years before the French Revolution. Her beauty and noble spirit make her a shining figure in the eyes of both men and women but she is torn between her chosen life of service and duty to class and country and her own heart and desires. She lives as a noble amidst the opulence of Versailles but her keen senses and compassion are not blinded to the poverty of the French people.
Tags: crossdressing historical politics royalty drama fantasy romance
8.40          8.38   

29. Kodocha(1996-1998)

Alternate Title: Kodomo no Omocha
Runtime: Genres:Comedy|Drama|Romance|Shoujo
Aired:Apr 5, 1996 to Mar 27, 1998 Episodes:102 Rating:PG-13
Description:Sixth grader Sana Kurata has a perfect life. Her mother is a (fairly) successful author, she has a young man employed to keep her happy and safe, and best of all, she is the star of the children's television show Kodomo no Omocha. There's just one thing bothering her, and that's Akito Hayama.
Tags: comedy drama romance
7.90          8.15   

30. Maison Ikkoku(1986-1988)

Runtime: Genres:Slice of Life|Comedy|Drama|Romance|Seinen
Aired:Mar 26, 1986 to Mar 2, 1988 Episodes:96 Rating:R+
Description:Godai is a ronin living in a run down apartment house called Maison Ikkoku. Among the other residents are the nosy Ichinose, the sexy Akemi Roppongi, and the mysterious Yotsuya. The others are given to having wild parties which makes it difficult for Godai to study. Into this mayhem comes the recently widowed Kyoko as the new live-in manager. Godai falls for her, but doesn't have the nerve to tell her.
Tags: boarding house comedy drama romance
8.30          8.24   

31. Romeo and the Black Brothers(1995)

Alternate Title: Romeo no Aoi Sora
Runtime: Genres:Adventure|Drama|Historical|Slice of Life
Aired:Jan 15, 1995 to Dec 17, 1995 Episodes:33 Rating:PG-13
Description:The story about the boy Romeo, who was living with his family in a small village in Switzerland and then decide to lease himself to his need for money after the crowman burn their farm for a period of six months, he goes to the Italian city of Milan and starts there to work in cleaning chimneys. Romeo faces in Milan difficult conditions and harsh treatment from his employer, but he also spends a good time with a lot of friends who work with him.
Tags: historical drama romance slice of life
8.60          8.43   

32. Future Boy Conan(1978)

Alternate Title: Mirai Shounen Conan
Runtime: Genres:Adventure|Drama|Sci-Fi
Aired:Apr 4, 1978 to Oct 31, 1978 Episodes:26 Rating:PG-13
Description:Post nuclear future. Earth has been almost completely submerged by oceans. Indastria, an hyper-technological isle, is the new world capital. Conan is the only survived boy in the attempt of a bunch of astronauts to escape the earth when nuke bombs were falling. Based on The Incredible Tide by Alexander Key.
Tags: post-apocalyptic adventure drama science fiction
8.70          8.13   

33. (1986)

Alternate Title: Ginga Nagareboshi Gin
Runtime: Genres:Action|Adventure|Drama|Shounen
Aired:Apr 7, 1986 to Aug 22, 1986 Episodes:21 Rating:PG-13
Description:Gin is a silver Tora-ge named after his coat color. Shortly after being born, he watches his father, Riki, get killed by Akakabuto, a bear that terrorizes everything in his path. Being the third-generation of bear-dogs to try to stand up against Akakabuto, he ventures out to find dogs to join him in his fight.
Tags: dogs hunting action adventure drama
9.00          8.11   

34. Tomorrow's Joe(1970-1971)

Alternate Title: Ashita no Joe
Runtime: Genres:Action|Drama|Shounen|Slice of Life|Sports
Aired:Apr 1, 1970 to Sep 29, 1971 Episodes:79 Rating:PG-13
Description:Joe Yabuki is a troubled youth, whose only solution to problems is throwing punches at them. What he lacks in manners and discipline, he makes up for with his self-taught fighting skills.One day, while wandering the slums of Doya, Joe gets into a fight with the local gang. Although greatly outnumbered, he effortlessly defeats them, drawing the attention of Danpei Tange—a former boxing coach turned alcoholic. Seeing his potential, he offers to train Joe into Japan's greatest boxer.
Tags: drama tournament boxing sports
8.50          8.32   

35. (1985-1987)

Alternate Title: Touch
Runtime: Genres:Drama|Romance|School|Shounen|Slice of Life|Sports
Aired:Mar 24, 1985 to Mar 22, 1987 Episodes:101 Rating:PG-13
Description:The bond between three kids; the talented Kazuya, his lazy do-nothing brother Tatsuya and their childhood friend, the adoring Minami. Baseball, brotherhood, love, and high school challenges and strengthens their connection to one another.
Tags: baseball school sports tragedy drama romance tournament
7.90          8.11   

36. Moomin (1990-1991)

Alternate Title: Tanoshii Muumin Ikka
Runtime: Genres:Adventure|Comedy|Fantasy|Kids|Slice of Life
Aired:Apr 12, 1990 to Oct 3, 1991 Episodes:78 Rating:G
Description:In the remote and mysterious Moomin Valley live the Moomin trolls, gentle and peaceful creatures. Young Moomin and his family experience many strange adventures, both magical and mundane. Based on the children's stories by Tove Jansson.
Tags: adventure comedyfantasy slice of life
8.30          8.05   

37. Sans Famille(1996-1997)

Alternate Title: Ie Naki Ko Remi
Runtime: Genres:Adventure|Slice of Life|Historical|Drama
Aired:Sep 1, 1996 to Mar 23, 1997 Episodes:23 Rating:G
Description:Remy, a cheerful and tender-hearted girl, lives with her mother in a French country town. One day her father returns to the town after a long period working away from home in a city. Her father tells Remy that she isn't their real daughter, and Remy is almost sold to an evil slave trader. It is Vitalis, a strolling entertainer, who helps Remy. Vitalis discovers her talent for singing and decides to take her in with his troupe.
Tags: Adventure Slice of Life Historical Drama
8.30          8.03   

38. Star Blazers: The Quest for Iscandar(1974-1975)

Alternate Title: Uchuu Senkan Yamato
Runtime: Genres:Action|Military|Sci-Fi|Adventure|Space|Drama
Aired:Oct 6, 1974 to Mar 30, 1975 Episodes:26 Rating:PG-13
Description:In the year 2199, Earth is a mere shell of its former glory after a vicious bombardment by the Gamilas Empire. The inhabitants have been forced underground to escape the irradiated surface, but the deadly radiation inches closer and closer to the retreating population. With only one year before complete and utter extermination, time is fast running out and hope is in short supply.
Tags: aliens flying battleship military space space navy action adventure drama romance science fiction
8.40          7.68   

39. Space Adventure Cobra(1982-1983)

Alternate Title: Space Cobra
Runtime: Genres:Action|Adventure|Sci-Fi|Space
Aired:Oct 7, 1982 to May 19, 1983 Episodes:31 Rating:R+
Description:In the 24th Century, space adventurer Cobra, charismatic vagabond with mysterious past and a powerful 'psychogun' for a hand, fights diabolical crime syndicate known as the Galactic Guild with the help of his android friend Lady Armaroid.
Tags: space adventure adventure science fiction
8.60          7.80   

40. Grandizer(1975-1977)

Alternate Title: UFO robo: Gurendaizâ
Runtime: Genres:Mecha|Sci-Fi|Shounen
Aired:Oct 5, 1975 to Feb 27, 1977 Episodes:74 Rating:PG-13
Description:Escaping from Vega's evil forces, the young Prince of planet Fleed leaves his destroyed homeland aboard the UFO Robot Grendizer, a powerful war machine, and makes it to Earth. Rescued by a bright scientist and fellow earthlings, he fights the saucers and robots sent by Vega, who plans to seize the mighty Grendizer and conquer the whole universe, or destroy it either.
Tags: aliens mecha space super robot action science fiction
8.40          7.64   

41. (1983-1984)

Alternate Title: Igano Kabamaru
Runtime: Genres:Action|Adventure|Comedy|Romance|School|Shounen
Aired:Oct 20, 1983 to Mar 29, 1984 Episodes:24 Rating:PG-13
Description:For most of his life, Iga Kagemaru has lived in the mountains with his grandfather, the tough martial arts teacher Seizo Kagemaru. When his grandfather unexpectedly passes away, he is taken in by Seizo's first love, Ran Ookobo, who runs a school in Tokyo. Iga arrives in Tokyo and must deal with living in a town and attending a school for the first time.
Tags: action adventure comedy romance
8.30          8.06   

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