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1. Z(1969)

Runtime: Genres:Drama|History|Thriller|Crime Release Date:
Countries: France| Algeria Languages:French | Russian | English Rating:M
Description:Following the murder of a prominent leftist, an investigator tries to uncover the truth while government officials attempt to cover up their roles.
Director: Costa-Gavras
Stars: Yves Montand , Irene Papas , Jean-Louis Trintignant , Jacques Perrin
Tags: Violence Political Thriller Investigation Based On True Story Based On Novel Social Injustice Tragedy Betrayal Politics
8.20    95%    93%  

2. The Long Goodbye(1973)

Runtime: Genres:Drama|Mystery|Thriller|Crime Release Date:
Country: USA Language:English Rating:R
Description:Detective Philip Marlowe tries to help a friend who is accused of murdering his wife.
Director: Robert Altman
Stars: Elliott Gould , Nina van Pallandt , Sterling Hayden , Mark Rydell
Tags: Neo Noir Based On Novel Betrayal
7.70    97%    88%  

3. Kontroll(2003)

Runtime: Genres:Drama|Comedy|Thriller|Crime Release Date:
Country: Hungary Language:Hungarian Rating:R
Description:A tale about a strange young man, Bulcsú, his fellow inspectors, who are all without exception likeable characters, a rival ticket inspection team, and racing along the tracks... And a tale about love.
Director: Nimród Antal
Stars: Sándor Csányi , Zoltán Mucsi , Csaba Pindroch , Sándor Badár
Tags: Black Comedy Violence Cult Film Dark Humor Investigation Satire Revenge Serial Killer Good Versus Evil Friendship
7.70    82%    89%  

4. Rififi(1955)

Original Title: Du rififi chez les hommes
Runtime: Genres:Drama|Action|Thriller|Crime Release Date:
Country: France Languages:English | Italian | French Rating:NR
Description:Four men plan a technically perfect crime, but the human element intervenes...
Director: Jules Dassin
Stars: Jean Servais , Carl Möhner , Robert Manuel , Janine Darcey
Tags: Heist Betrayal
8.20    94%    95%  

5. J.S.A.: Joint Security Area(2000)

Original Title: Gongdong gyeongbi guyeok JSA
Runtime: Genres:Drama|War|Thriller Release Date:
Country: South Korea Languages:Korean | English | German Rating:NA
Description:In the DMZ separating North and South Korea, two North Korean soldiers have been killed, supposedly by one South Korean soldier. But the 11 bullets found in the bodies, together with the 5 ...
Director: Chan-wook Park
Stars: Yeong-ae Lee , Byung-hun Lee , Kang-ho Song , Tae-woo Kim
Tags: Violence Investigation Based On Novel Tragedy Friendship
7.90    75%    91%  

6. The Taking of Pelham One Two Three(1974)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Adventure|Thriller|Crime Release Date:
Country: USA Languages:English | Spanish Rating:R
Description:In New York, armed men hijack a subway car and demand a ransom for the passengers. Even if it's paid, how could they get away?
Director: Joseph Sargent
Stars: Walter Matthau , Robert Shaw , Martin Balsam , Hector Elizondo
Tags: Black Comedy Surprise Ending Heist Gangster Based On Novel Detective
7.70    100%    88%  

7. Scarface(1932)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Drama|Adventure|Thriller|Crime Release Date:
Country: USA Language:English Rating:PA
Description:An ambitious and near insanely violent gangster climbs the ladder of success in the mob, but his weaknesses prove to be his downfall.
Directors: Howard Hawks , Richard Rosson
Stars: Paul Muni , Ann Dvorak , Karen Morley , Osgood Perkins
Tags: National Film Registry Organized Crime Rise And Fall Betrayal
7.80    100%    86%  

8. Cape Fear(1962)

Runtime: Genres:Drama|Thriller Release Date:
Country: USA Language:English Rating:AP
Description:A lawyer's family is stalked by a man he once helped put in jail.
Director: J. Lee Thompson
Stars: Gregory Peck , Robert Mitchum , Polly Bergen , Lori Martin
Tags: Violence Cult Film Neo Noir Based On Novel Detective Psychopath Family Relationships Trapped Revenge Good Versus Evil
7.80    100%    86%  

9. Police Story(1985)

Original Title: Ging chat goo si
Runtime: Genres:Action|Comedy|Thriller|Crime Release Date:
Country: Hong Kong Language:Cantonese Rating:PG-13
Description:Chan Ka Kui is a Hong-Kong policeman, who single handedly captures and arrests a big drug lord. The drug-lord then frames Chan with the murder of a corrupt cop. Now a fugitive cop killer, Chan Ka Kui must try to catch the drug lord and clear his name.
Directors: Jackie Chan , Chi-Hwa Chen
Stars: Jackie Chan , Maggie Cheung , Brigitte Lin , Kwok-Hung Lam
Tags: Violence Tough Guy Action Hero One Against Many Gangster Martial Arts
7.60    87%    88%  

10. Pierrot le Fou(1965)

Original Title: Pierrot le fou
Runtime: Genres:Drama|Romance|Thriller|Crime Release Date:
Countries: France| Italy Languages:English | Italian | French Rating:NR
Description:Pierrot escapes his boring society and travels from Paris to the Mediterranean Sea with Marianne, a girl chased by hit-men from Algeria. They lead an unorthodox life, always on the run.
Director: Jean-Luc Godard
Stars: Jean-Paul Belmondo , Anna Karina , Graziella Galvani
Tags: Gangster Nonlinear Timeline Based On Novel Vietnam War Satire Hitman
7.70    85%    87%  

11. Wait Until Dark(1967)

Runtime: Genres:Drama|Horror|Thriller|Crime Release Date:
Country: USA Language:English Rating:NR
Description:A recently blinded woman is terrorized by a trio of thugs while they search for a heroin-stuffed doll they believe is in her apartment.
Director: Terence Young
Stars: Audrey Hepburn , Alan Arkin , Richard Crenna , Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
7.80    95%    91%  

12. Gilda(1946)

Runtime: Genres:Drama|Romance|Film-Noir|Thriller Release Date:
Country: USA Languages:English | German | French | Spanish Rating:NR
Description:Johnny Farrell is a gambling cheat who turns straight to work for an unsettling casino owner Ballin Mundson. But things take a turn for Johnny as his alluring ex-lover appears as Mundson's wife, and Mundson's machinations begin to unravel.
Director: Charles Vidor
Stars: Rita Hayworth , Glenn Ford , George Macready , Joseph Calleia
Tags: National Film Registry Missing Person
7.70    97%    88%  

13. Get Carter(1971)

Runtime: Genres:Thriller|Crime Release Date:
Country: UK Language:English Rating:R
Description:When his brother dies under mysterious circumstances in a car accident, London gangster Jack Carter travels to Newcastle to investigate.
Director: Mike Hodges
Stars: Michael Caine , Ian Hendry , Britt Ekland , John Osborne
Tags: Violence Tough Guy Cult Film Gangster Neo Noir Based On Novel Revenge Hitman
7.50    90%    85%  

14. Deep Red(1975)

Original Title: Profondo rosso
Runtime: Genres:Mystery|Drama|Horror|Thriller Release Date:
Country: Italy Language:Italian Rating:X
Description:A musician witnesses the murder of a famous psychic, and then teams up with a fiesty reporter to find the killer while evading attempts on their lives by the unseen killer bent on keeping a dark secret buried.
Director: Dario Argento
Stars: David Hemmings , Daria Nicolodi , Gabriele Lavia , Macha Méril
Tags: Survival Violence Cult Film Investigation Christmas Insanity
7.70    95%    86%  

15. Sanjuro(1962)

Original Title: Tsubaki Sanjûrô
Runtime: Genres:Drama|Action|Comedy|Thriller Release Date:
Country: Japan Language:Japanese Rating:UR
Description:A crafty ronin helps a young man and his fellow samurai save his uncle, their lord chamberlain Mutsuta, who has been framed and imprisoned by a corrupt local superintendent.
Director: Akira Kurosawa
Stars: Toshirô Mifune , Tatsuya Nakadai , Keiju Kobayashi , Yûzô Kayama
Tags: Violence Samurai One Against Many Cult Film Based On Novel Black And White Black And White Film Satire
8.20    100%    95%  

16. Death Note(2006)

Original Title: Desu nôto
Runtime: Genres:Mystery|Fantasy|Drama|Thriller|Crime Release Date:
Country: Japan Languages:Japanese | English Rating:NA
Description:A battle between the world's 2 greatest minds begins when Light Yagami finds the Death Note, a notebook with the power to kill, and decides to rid the world of criminals.
Director: Shûsuke Kaneko
Stars: Tatsuya Fujiwara , Ken'ichi Matsuyama , Asaka Seto , Shigeki Hosokawa
Tags: Investigation Based On Novel Serial Killer Based On Comic Book Voice Over Narration Japanese
7.80    78%    85%  

17. Peeping Tom(1960)

Runtime: Genres:Drama|Horror|Thriller Release Date:
Country: UK Language:English Rating:NR
Description:A young man murders women, using a movie camera to film their dying expressions of terror.
Director: Michael Powell
Stars: Karlheinz Böhm , Moira Shearer , Anna Massey , Maxine Audley
Tags: Violence Psycho Thriller Investigation Psychopath Family Relationships Insanity Serial Killer Psychopathic Killer
7.70    96%    86%  

18. Out of the Past(1947)

Runtime: Genres:Drama|Mystery|Film-Noir|Thriller|Crime Release Date:
Country: USA Languages:English | American Sign Language Rating:NR
Description:Jeff Bailey seems to be a mundane gas station owner in remote Bridgeport, CA. He is dating local girl Ann Miller and lives a quiet life. But Jeff has a secret past, and when a mysterious stranger arrives in town, Jeff is forced to return to the dark world he had tried to escape.
Director: Jacques Tourneur
Stars: Robert Mitchum , Jane Greer , Kirk Douglas , Rhonda Fleming
Tags: National Film Registry Cult Film Gangster Based On Novel Detective Revenge Jazz Betrayal Voice Over Narration
8.10    94%    92%  

19. Sin Nombre(2009)

Runtime: Genres:Drama|Action|Adventure|Thriller|Crime Release Date:
Countries: Mexico| USA Language:Spanish Rating:R
Description:A Honduran young girl and a Mexican gangster are united in a journey across the American border.
Director: Cary Joji Fukunaga
Stars: Marco Antonio Aguirre , Leonardo Alonso , Karla Cecilia Alvarado , Juan Pablo Arias Barrón
Tags: Violence Family Relationships
7.60    88%    88%  

20. The Vanishing(1988)

Original Title: Spoorloos
Runtime: Genres:Mystery|Horror|Thriller|Crime Release Date:
Countries: Netherlands| France| West Germany Languages:Dutch | French | English Rating:UR
Description:Rex and Saskia, a young couple in love, are on vacation. They stop at a busy service station and Saskia is abducted. After three years and no sign of Saskia, Rex begins receiving letters from the abductor.
Director: George Sluizer
Stars: Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu , Gene Bervoets , Johanna ter Steege , Gwen Eckhaus
Tags: Cult Film Psycho Thriller Based On Novel Family Relationships Serial Killer Road Trip Missing Person
7.80    100%    89%  

21. Confessions(2010)

Original Title: Kokuhaku
Runtime: Genres:Drama|Mystery|Thriller Release Date:
Country: Japan Language:Japanese Rating:NR
Description:A psychological thriller of a grieving mother turned cold-blooded avenger with a twisty master plan to pay back those who were responsible for her daughter's death.
Director: Tetsuya Nakashima
Stars: Takako Matsu , Yoshino Kimura , Masaki Okada , Yukito Nishii
Tags: Revenge Bullying
7.80    81%    88%  

22. Thesis(1996)

Original Title: Tesis
Runtime: Genres:Mystery|Horror|Thriller Release Date:
Country: Spain Language:Spanish Rating:R
Description:While doing a thesis about violence, Ángela finds a snuff video where a girl is tortured until death. Soon she discovers that the girl was a former student in her faculty...
Director: Alejandro Amenábar
Stars: Ana Torrent , Fele Martínez , Eduardo Noriega , Xabier Elorriaga
7.50    71%    89%  

23. The Tenant(1976)

Original Title: Le locataire
Runtime: Genres:Drama|Fantasy|Thriller Release Date:
Country: France Languages:French | English Rating:R
Description:A quiet and inconspicuous man (Trelkovsky) rents an apartment in France where the previous tenant committed suicide, and begins to suspect his landlord and neighbors are trying to subtly change him into the last tenant so that he too will kill himself.
Director: Roman Polanski
Stars: Roman Polanski , Isabelle Adjani , Melvyn Douglas , Jo Van Fleet
7.80    90%    87%  

24. The Day of the Jackal(1973)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Drama|Thriller|Crime Release Date:
Countries: UK| France Languages:English | Italian | French Rating:PG
Description:A professional assassin codenamed "Jackal" plots to kill Charles de Gaulle, the President of France.
Director: Fred Zinnemann
Stars: Edward Fox , Terence Alexander , Michel Auclair , Alan Badel
Tags: Based On Book Surprise Ending Tough Guy Political Thriller Gangster Investigation Police Brutality Based On Novel Detective Hitman Betrayal Serial Killer
7.80    90%    88%  

25. Key Largo(1948)

Runtime: Genres:Drama|Film-Noir|Thriller|Crime Release Date:
Country: USA Languages:English | Italian Rating:UR
Description:A hurricane swells outside, but it's nothing compared to the storm within the hotel at Key Largo. There, sadistic mobster Johnny Rocco (Robinson) holes up -- and holds at gunpoint hotel owner Nora Temple (Bacall), her invalid father-in-law (Barrymore) and ex-GI Frank McCloud (Bogart).
Director: John Huston
Stars: Humphrey Bogart , Edward G. Robinson , Lauren Bacall , Lionel Barrymore
Tags: Cult Film Gangster Organized Crime Based On Play Betrayal
7.90    97%    88%  

26. Lust, Caution(2007)

Original Title: Se, jie
Runtime: Genres:Action|Drama|Romance|Thriller Release Date:
Countries: USA| China| Taiwan Languages:Mandarin | Japanese | English | Shanghainese | Hindi | Cantonese Rating:NC-17
Description:During World War II a secret agent (Tang Wei) must seduce, then assassinate an official (Tony Leung Chiu Wai) who works for the Japanese puppet government in Shanghai. Her mission becomes clouded when she finds herself falling in love with the man she is assigned to kill.
Director: Ang Lee
Stars: Tony Chiu Wai Leung , Wei Tang , Joan Chen , Leehom Wang
Tags: Violence World War Two Nonlinear Timeline Neo Noir Falling In Love Insanity
7.60    73%    84%  

27. Mother(2009)

Original Title: Madeo
Runtime: Genres:Drama|Mystery|Thriller|Crime Release Date:
Country: South Korea Language:Korean Rating:R
Description:A mother lives quietly with her twenty-eight-year-old son, Do-joon, providing herbs and acupuncture to neighbors. One day, a girl is brutally murdered, and Do-joon is charged with the killing. Now, it's his mother's call whether to prove him innocent or to leave him imprisoned.
Director: Joon-ho Bong
Stars: Hye-ja Kim , Bin Won , Ku Jin , Je-mun Yun
Tags: Black Comedy Violence Female Protagonist Investigation Detective Satire Revenge Betrayal Friendship Bullying Innocence
7.80    96%    88%  

28. About Elly(2009)

Original Title: Darbareye Elly
Runtime: Genres:Drama|Mystery|Thriller Release Date:
Countries: Iran| France Languages:Persian | German Rating:NA
Description:The mysterious disappearance of a kindergarten teacher during a picnic in the north of Iran is followed by a series of misadventures for her fellow travelers.
Director: Asghar Farhadi
Stars: Golshifteh Farahani , Shahab Hosseini , Taraneh Alidoosti , Merila Zare'i
Tags: Violence Family Relationships Friendship
8.10    99%    83%  

29. The Return(2003)

Original Title: Woswraschtschenije
Runtime: Genres:Drama|Mystery|Thriller Release Date:
Country: Russia Language:Russian Rating:UR
Description:A story of two Russian boys whose father suddenly returns home after a 12-year absence. He takes the boys on a holiday to a remote island on a lake that turns into a test of manhood of almost mythic proportions.
Director: Andrey Zvyagintsev
Stars: Vladimir Garin , Ivan Dobronravov , Konstantin Lavronenko , Nataliya Vdovina
Tags: Coming Of Age Family Relationships
8.00    95%    93%  

30. Le Samouraï(1967)

Runtime: Genres:Drama|Mystery|Thriller|Crime Release Date:
Countries: France| Italy Language:French Rating:PG
Description:Hitman Jef Costello is a perfectionist who always carefully plans his murders and who never gets caught.
Director: Jean-Pierre Melville
Stars: Alain Delon , François Périer , Nathalie Delon , Cathy Rosier
Tags: Violence Tough Guy Cult Film Gangster Investigation Neo Noir Based On Novel Detective Hitman Martial Arts Betrayal Murder Suspect
8.10    100%    94%  

31. Victoria(2015)

Runtime: Genres:Drama|Thriller|Crime Release Date:
Country: Germany Languages:German | English | Spanish Rating:NA
Description:A young Spanish woman who has newly moved to Berlin finds her flirtation with a local guy turn potentially deadly as their night out with his friends reveals a dangerous secret.
Director: Sebastian Schipper
Stars: Laia Costa , Frederick Lau , Franz Rogowski , Burak Yigit
Tags: Heist Gangster Falling In Love Friendship F Rated
7.70    82%    83%  

32. Sleuth(1972)

Runtime: Genres:Mystery|Thriller Release Date:
Countries: USA| UK Languages:English | Italian Rating:PG
Description:A man who loves games and theater invites his wife's lover to meet him, setting up a battle of wits with potentially deadly results.
Director: Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Stars: Laurence Olivier , Michael Caine , Alec Cawthorne , John Matthews
Tags: Cult Film Based On Play Minimal Cast Revenge
8.10    96%    90%  

33. Repulsion(1965)

Runtime: Genres:Drama|Horror|Thriller Release Date:
Country: UK Language:English Rating:UR
Description:A sex-repulsed woman who disapproves of her sister's boyfriend sinks into depression and has horrific visions of rape and violence.
Director: Roman Polanski
Stars: Catherine Deneuve , Ian Hendry , John Fraser , Yvonne Furneaux
7.80    100%    87%  

34. The Lady Vanishes(1938)

Runtime: Genres:Mystery|Thriller Release Date:
Country: UK Languages:English | German | French | Italian Rating:PA
Description:While traveling in continental Europe, a rich young playgirl realizes that an elderly lady seems to have disappeared from the train.
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Stars: Margaret Lockwood , Michael Redgrave , Paul Lukas , Dame May Whitty
Tags: Female Protagonist Investigation Based On Novel Road Movie Psychological Missing Person
7.90    98%    88%  

35. The Killer(1989)

Original Title: Dip huet seung hung
Runtime: Genres:Action|Drama|Thriller|Crime Release Date:
Country: Hong Kong Languages:Cantonese | Mandarin | Japanese Rating:R
Description:A disillusioned assassin accepts one last hit in hopes of using his earnings to restore vision to a singer he accidentally blinded, only to be double-crossed by his boss.
Director: John Woo
Stars: Yun-Fat Chow , Danny Lee , Sally Yeh , Kong Chu
Tags: Violence Tough Guy Cult Film Gangster Neo Noir Police Partner Organized Crime Revenge Hitman Martial Arts Betrayal Friendship Compassion
7.90    98%    92%  

36. Hard Boiled(1992)

Original Title: Lat sau san taam
Runtime: Genres:Action|Drama|Thriller|Crime Release Date:
Country: Hong Kong Languages:Cantonese | English Rating:R
Description:A tough-as-nails cop teams up with an undercover agent to shut down a sinister mobster and his crew.
Director: John Woo
Stars: Yun-Fat Chow , Tony Chiu Wai Leung , Teresa Mo , Philip Chan
Tags: Violence Cult Film Gangster Detective Breaking The Fourth Wall Mafia Organized Crime Tragedy Rescue Mission Martial Arts Betrayal Good Versus Evil Reference To William Shakespeare Friendship Compassion
7.90    94%    92%  

37. Nine Queens(2000)

Original Title: Nueve Reinas
Runtime: Genres:Drama|Thriller|Crime Release Date:
Country: Argentina Language:Spanish Rating:R
Description:An Argentinian crime drama revolving around a sheet of rare stamps (the Nine Queens).
Director: Fabián Bielinsky
Stars: Ricardo Darín , Gastón Pauls , Leticia Brédice , María Mercedes Villagra
Tags: Plot Twist Survival Heist Family Relationships Betrayal
7.90    92%    94%  

38. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?(1962)

Original Title: Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?
Runtime: Genres:Drama|Horror|Thriller Release Date:
Country: USA Language:English Rating:NR
Description:A former child star torments her paraplegic sister in their decaying Hollywood mansion.
Director: Robert Aldrich
Stars: Bette Davis , Joan Crawford , Victor Buono , Wesley Addy
8.10    92%    92%  

39. Tell No One(2006)

Original Title: Ne le dis à personne
Runtime: Genres:Drama|Mystery|Thriller|Crime Release Date:
Country: France Language:French Rating:UR
Description:A man receives a mysterious e-mail appearing to be from his wife, who was murdered years earlier. As he frantically tries to find out whether she's alive, he finds himself being implicated in her death.
Director: Guillaume Canet
Stars: François Cluzet , Marie-Josée Croze , André Dussollier , Kristin Scott Thomas
Tags: Violence Investigation Nonlinear Timeline Police Brutality Based On Novel Detective Family Relationships Serial Killer Friendship Politics Innocence Missing Person
7.50    94%    87%  

40. Dead Man's Shoes(2004)

Runtime: Genres:Drama|Thriller|Crime Release Date:
Country: UK Language:English Rating:NA
Description:A soldier (Paddy Considine) returns home to his small town and exacts a deadly revenge on the thugs who tormented his dimwitted brother (Toby Kebbell) while he was away. One by one the young hoodlums meet their fates as the soldier releases the hate he feels inside.
Director: Shane Meadows
Stars: Paddy Considine , Gary Stretch , Toby Kebbell , Stuart Wolfenden
Tags: Violence Surprise Ending Black And White Revenge
7.70    57%    91%  

41. Menace II Society(1993)

Runtime: Genres:Drama|Action|Thriller|Crime Release Date:
Country: USA Language:English Rating:R
Description:Menace II Society is a coming of age tale detailing the summer after its protagonist Caine (Tyrin Turner) graduates from high school. This is Caine's story, which details real life in today's tough inner city.
Directors: Albert Hughes , Allen Hughes
Stars: Tyrin Turner , Larenz Tate , June Kyoto Lu , Toshi Toda
Tags: Black Comedy Coming Of Age Survival Violence Cult Film Gangster Police Brutality Neo Noir Detective High School Family Relationships Organized Crime Teen Movie Revenge Betrayal Friendship Voice Over Narration
7.50    82%    93%  

42. The 39 Steps(1935)

Runtime: Genres:Action|Mystery|Thriller Release Date:
Country: UK Language:English Rating:UR
Description:A man in London tries to help a counterespionage agent. But when the agent is killed and the man stands accused, he must go on the run to both save himself and also stop a spy ring which is trying to steal top secret information.
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Stars: Robert Donat , Madeleine Carroll , Lucie Mannheim , Godfrey Tearle
7.80    96%    86%  

43. The Chaser(2008)

Original Title: Chugyeogja
Runtime: Genres:Drama|Thriller|Crime Release Date:
Country: South Korea Language:Korean Rating:NR
Description:Joong-ho is a dirty detective turned pimp in financial trouble as several of his girls have recently disappeared without clearing their debts. While trying to track them down, he finds a clue that the vanished girls were all called up by a same client whom one of his girls is meeting with right now.
Director: Hong-jin Na
Stars: Yun-seok Kim , Jung-woo Ha , Yeong-hie Seo , Yoo-Jeong Kim
Tags: Violence Investigation Based On True Story Detective Revenge
7.90    83%    89%  

44. After Hours(1985)

Runtime: Genres:Drama|Comedy|Thriller|Crime Release Date:
Country: USA Language:English Rating:R
Description:An ordinary word processor has the worst night of his life after he agrees to visit a girl in Soho whom he met that evening at a coffee shop.
Director: Martin Scorsese
Stars: Griffin Dunne , Rosanna Arquette , Verna Bloom , Tommy Chong
Tags: Black Comedy Cult Film
7.70    88%    87%  

45. The Wages of Fear(1953)

Original Title: Le salaire de la peur
Runtime: Genres:Drama|Adventure|Thriller Release Date:
Countries: France| Italy Languages:French | English | Spanish | German | Italian | Russian Rating:NR
Description:In the South American jungle, supplies of nitroglycerine are needed at a remote oil field. The oil company pays four men to deliver the supplies in two trucks. A tense rivalry develops between the two sets of drivers on the rough remote roads where the slightest jolt can result in death.
Director: Henri-Georges Clouzot
Stars: Yves Montand , Charles Vanel , Folco Lulli , Peter van Eyck
Tags: Based On Novel Friendship Road Movie
8.10    100%    95%  

46. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari(1920)

Original Title: Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari
Runtime: Genres:Mystery|Horror|Crime|Drama|Fantasy|Thriller Release Date:
Country: Germany Language:German Rating:UR
Description:Dr. Caligari's somnambulist, Cesare, and his deadly predictions.
Director: Robert Wiene
Stars: Werner Krauss , Conrad Veidt , Friedrich Feher , Lil Dagover
Tags: Plot Twist Violence Cult Film Falling In Love Insanity Good Versus Evil
8.10    100%    89%  

47. Blow-Up(1966)

Original Title: Blowup
Runtime: Genres:Drama|Mystery|Thriller Release Date:
Countries: UK| Italy| USA Language:English Rating:NR
Description:A mod London photographer seems to find something very suspicious in the shots he has taken of a mysterious beauty in a desolate park.
Director: Michelangelo Antonioni
Stars: Vanessa Redgrave , Sarah Miles , David Hemmings , John Castle
7.60    87%    84%  

48. Kahaani(2012)

Runtime: Genres:Drama|Mystery|Thriller Release Date:
Country: India Languages:Hindi | Bengali Rating:NA
Description:A pregnant woman's search for her missing husband takes her from London to Kolkata, but everyone she questions denies having ever met her husband.
Director: Sujoy Ghosh
Stars: Vidya Balan , Parambrata Chatterjee , Dhritiman Chatterjee , Saswata Chatterjee
Tags: Female Protagonist Investigation F Rated
8.20    NA    88%  

49. Drishyam(2015)

Runtime: Genres:Drama|Mystery|Thriller|Crime Release Date:
Country: India Language:Hindi Rating:NA
Description:A simple, street-smart man tries to protect his family from a tough cop looking for his missing son.
Director: Nishikant Kamat
Stars: Ajay Devgn , Shriya Saran , Tabu , Rajat Kapoor
8.30    78%    89%  

50. The Bandit(1996)

Original Title: E?k?ya
Runtime: Genres:Drama|Thriller|Crime Release Date:
Country: Turkey Language:Turkish Rating:NA
Description:The epic adventures of the legendary Baran the Bandit following his release from prison. After serving 35 years, it is no surprise that the world has changed dramatically. Still, Baran ...
Director: Yavuz Turgul
Stars: Sener Sen , Ugur Yücel , Sermin Hürmeric , Yesim Salkim
Tags: Violence Mafia Revenge
8.30    NA    96%  

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